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The Pros and Cons of Direct Exporting

By: Admin In: B2B Last Updated: 2011-12-29

One of the constant dilemmas that Exporting Companies face is whether they should adopt the strategy of Direct Exporting or should they hire someone to handle the export responsibilities. Since exporting is substantial business in itself, the entrepreneurs must give a serious thought to the mode of exporting that they are going to adopt. This write-up attempts to make the owners aware of advantages and disadvantages associated with Direct Exporting.

The Pros

  • There is no need to follow the advice of brokers or other intermediaries.
  • Complete transparency will be maintained in all the business transactions.
  • You will be in direct contact with your customers.
  • Since you deal directly, the customers will have increased faith in you.
  • If any problem arises, it will be handled within the organization.
  • Your customers will be able to contact you as and when required.
  • The identities of your company- trademarks, logos, copyright, etc. will remain safe.
  • As an entrepreneur, your understanding of the marketplace will increase.
  • You will have direct control over all the exporting strategies.

The Cons

  • You will have to invest more energy, time, and money.
  • You may have to coordinate with your Exporting Partner for every deal.
  • You will be required to keep a track of all the business procedures of your associate.
  • There are chances that your customer won't be able to contact you directly.
  • Your company will have to handle the logistics.

Now that you have a fair idea of the benefits and shortcomings of Direct Exporting, it is hoped that you will be better able to judge the most lucrative exporting strategy for your business. In case, you want to take a look at companies that undertake exporting projects, it is suggested that you get registered with an Online B2B Directory, where you would get millions of prospective business associates. So just weigh in your options, the channels of exporting available for your business, the ease of exporting the goods that you deal in and then consider the option that's best for you.

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