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Things To Know Before Buying Jewelry.

By: Admin In: Fashion Last Updated: 2011-01-06

Pampering yourself with beautiful jewelry is right but so is valuing your money and that of others. Jewelry Industry is full of manufacturers and retailers who can provide crafted jewelry made from different types of materials. Most of the materials like gold and precious gemstones are procured from various mines located in different countries and often draw controversial legal and financial troubles to them. To keep away from such problems you should test your jewelry in accordance with the set standards.

This article discusses the 5 most important questions that you must ask your Jeweler to help you in buying the best jewelery.

Do you offer Fair Trade Jewelry Products? Notice, if the answer is proud yes or the jeweler tries to change the subject.

Fair Trade is a practice which customarily applies to all imported items. It is the movement that aims to offer better trading conditions, fair wages paid to the labors, and conformance to social and environmental standards.

From where does the gold and silver used in your jewelry sourced? For this question, take care that you must not hear "I don't know". The jeweler should be aware about where the metal comes from like- China, Canada, and so on. You should ask a straight forward question that from which place the jewelry comes for e.g. Indonesia, China, Thailand, and India.

What makes this jewelry? Here, you should ask that whether it is dirty gold that comes to them in pieces or in refined form.

How gemstones were mined? You must know that how gemstones were mined i.e. labor and social standards. Your vendor may be hesitant to answer this question but you should be focused as the genuine answer may influence your decision.

Are the gemstones used in the jewelry conflict free? You should confirm from your jeweler that the gemstones you are about to buy are 100% conflict free.

Exact answers of these questions will help you to get peace of mind as your practices are right and do not hamper others.

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