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Tips for Choosing an International Moving Company

By: Admin In: Industry News Last Updated: 2011-05-02

Packing and moving is always a cumbersome task and it becomes more hectic if you have to move across the seas. If you are looking for moving from one country to another then International Moving Companies provide the best assistance in this task. These companies provide support in not only moving commercial cargo but also domestic goods. There are a large number of International Moving Companies functioning nowadays so it becomes important to choose the correct one. Here are some points that one needs to bear in mind:

  • Experience- Select a company which has ample experience in this field as someone with little experience in the business is most likely to make mistakes. Have thorough knowledge about the company, its style of working and experience so that you can get a reliable deal.
  • Knowledge about the custom duties- Update yourself about the custom duties & policies of your own country as well as of the countries where you wish to move. Ensure that the moving company you choose is also acquainted with the custom policies so that no hurdles arise during moving.
  • Take time in deciding the company- To avoid last-minute hustle and bustle, conduct a comprehensive market research to know the best players in the business. The better company you choose, the less are the chances of ambiguity in operations. An online search can also help a great deal.
  • Safety and Security of Cargo- Enquire in advance about the safety measures taken by the moving company. The most important thing is that your goods should reach the destination safely. Know in advance the provisions that the company makes for the safety of cargo and make sure that they have all the necessary equipment and resources.

Some International Moving Companies offer integrated container services for your cargo and freight and others offer these as completely separate services. Your task is to investigate about all this in advance. Also remember to complete all the paperwork (international overseas moving documents etc., and formalities well before time. Ask about the taxes that will be charged by international container shipping company, charges by the port customs, protocols that the international container shipping company follows when importing vehicles. Also enquire whether the household goods or commercial cargo that you wish to transport to another country will have 'commercial import taxes'. Plan all this carefully and you are good to go.

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