Top 10 Tips for a Skin-Friendly Holi 2020

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Unequivocally, Holi is one of the most vibrant festivals of India. It is celebrated with huge pomp nationwide and in other parts of the world as well. Thousands of people splash colors and wish each other. Everyone remains excited about playing Holi with nears & dears. Though most of us use gulal and herbal colors for relishing this beautiful festival, some bring the harmful pigments under the shield of Bura Na Maano. These elements can harm the skin in no time. Most of us, due to excitement, forget the pre-preparations for Holi and spend the festival joyously. Later on, we realize that stubborn colors arent ready to leave you, at least for a couple of weeks. Hence, it is essential to take precautionary methods for protecting the skin from the colors of Holi. Here are some tips that you must follow to get rid of colors easily.

1. Cover Your Hair

Whether youre a boy or girl, chemical-based colors will surely harm your hair and scalp. Hence, always cover your hair before stepping out to get colored. In case you cover and friends insist to remove the cap, Plan B should be handy. Apply coconut oil properly so that there remains no chance for the color to stick on the head.

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2. Play Safe-Use Herbal Colors

Do you really want some appointments with a dermatologist? If yes, use harmful colors and sprays. If not, simply choose herbal colors. These colors are extracted from nature and leave no harmful side-effects at all. Thats a reason why their popularity has increased in recent years. So, this time, choose herbal colors instead of artificial colors.

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3. Mr. Oil To The Rescue

It is a common sight for everyone having colored nails and skin beneath nails post Holi. Although its normal, it seems a little awkward. You can keep this issue at bay by applying olive oil or transparent nail paint. This will prevent the accumulation of color on the nails. Furthermore, you must apply a coat of Vaseline to avoid colors entering skin beneath nails.

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4. Don Those Sunglasses

Sunglasses and aviators never go of style. They can be worn throughout the year including Holi. Though many people believe in relishing the zest of the festival, wearing sunglasses can actually be helpful. It prevents color from entering eyes that might cause vision-related problems. Your facial skin will also be protected because sunglasses are usually bigger.

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5. Sunscreen Is Your Shield

It is a common sight to spot hordes of people roaming around and talking while being colored. This might be fun but the reality is different. Heat dries the color on the skin and then it becomes tough to remove. People keep on scrubbing their skin to get rid of the color. Hence, do not forget to apply sunscreen on face. This will prevent the color sticking to the skin for long.

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6. Drink a Lot of Water

We could have told to have a good time by having some beer, but we dont do it here. So, Holi means a lot of fun but one should be cautious. In order to get the colors off your skin easily, you should stay hydrated. Drink lots of water, cold drink, and your favorite juice. Since liquids keep the skin hydrated, removing the stubborn colors becomes an easy job!

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7. Keep Your Nails Safe

Were sure that your nails would be dyed in pink, green, violet etc., colors. Thats normal because while playing Holi, colors tend to stick beneath nails. You can get rid of them by applying Vaseline or transparent nail paint. Owing to their chemical properties, they do not let colors rest beneath finger nails.

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8. Apply Baby Oil After Bath

After a bath, there are chances that there will be leftover patches of color on the skin. Now, this becomes a hassle for many. People keep on scrubbing their skin that might cause rashes and redness. It can be resolves by applying baby oil on the leftover color patches. This will dissolve the remaining particles and help in getting rid of the color effortlessly.

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9. Use Ayurvedic Shampoo For Scalp

Washing hair is normal because our scalp gets decorated with different colors. People use different shampoos advertised on the television. To keep the scalp safe from chemical reactions, it is advisable to use Ayurvedic shampoo. Since Ayurvedic shampoos contain natural extracts, they do not leave adverse affect on the scalp and hair.

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10. Appropriate Footwear

Would you like to wear slippers while playing Holi? Definitely, you will not. Exposing your feet will make the skin dirty and stick colors in nails. Hence, instead of wearing sandals or slippers, prefer wearing shoes that will protect your feet. If you do not want to make your shoes dirty, apply lots of Vaseline on feet to protect them from getting colored.

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You Should Avoid Playing Holi When:

  • Your skin is sensitive

  • Your got hair re-bonding done 24 hours ago

  • You are allergic to colors

  • You get rashes You simply dislike the festival

The Final Words

What you read above were some amazing tips to keep yourself safe from the colors of Holi. Following these tips will prevent the color clinging to the body and getting off effortlessly. Holi is a festival of joy, brotherhood, fun, and enthusiasm. The whole world celebrates it with pomp. It is our responsibility to ensure the sanctity of this beautiful festival of colors. Getting drenched in different colors is an experience in itself and it should be memorable. Hence, people should use eco-friendly and herbal colors for a safe Holi. Such colors come-off easily and do not cause any damage to hair as well. Unlike artificial colors, herbal colors do not stick to the body and leave fragrance behind them. Thus, they are skin-friendly. Moreover, the maximum use of Ayurvedic shampoo and baby oil will surely help in getting rid of the leftover color without exploiting the skin.

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