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Trade Leads: New Ways To Succeed In International Business

By: Admin In: Business Growth Last Updated: 2012-04-23

In this new age of global communication, import and export trade leads have made it quite easy to find a host of online business services, offering international trade leads. You just need to post a request for import or export trade leads, and soon you will receive calls of interested business parties around the world.

What are Trade Leads?
Also known as Import Trade Lead, Export Trade Lead and International Trade Lead, the Trade Leads are kind of written advertisements, intended as buying or selling offers for product(s) or service(s).

What functional benefits do these Trade Leads provide?
Practical application of international business services helps in:

  • Reducing transaction time and costs
  • Reducing supplier costs
  • Generating new business contacts
  • Increasing sales

It is not only sellers who post online trade leads; buyers also get benefited from posting online advertisements. The establishment of business relationship is very much likely if the specifications of buying offer, for a product or service, meet the seller's portfolio.

Key factors of successful international trade lead posting include:

  • Clarity - Clearly state what you offer or what you intend to buy.

  • Conciseness - Use short sentences to describe the products in a crisp and brief manner.

  • Detailed Information -
    1. Clearly tell about the product selling, and shipping terms and conditions.
    2. Clearly state your destination if you are a buyer.

  • Hyperlinks to product page
    Always post the links of your website or web page on a website, where your trade lead can be seen by buyers or sellers.

Having taken the right steps, international business leads can prove as profitable matter for your business. So, you just need to follow few simple tactics in trade lead matters, and you'll be amazed to see their magical results.

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