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Understanding How Your Customers Think

By: Admin In: B2B Last Updated: 2010-03-08

Customers are given the place of God by the business owners. If you are running a business you must have a clear idea of the prominent place that the customers hold in your success. For a flourishing business it is important to keep the customers happy. You can do really well in a business if you know what and how your customers think.

You must be wondering how you will know what your customers think? The answer to this is simple, by conducting opinion polls.

What is an Opinion Poll? It is a survey that is designed to generate public opinion about a certain topic. It is conducted by asking questions to the readers or the viewers.

Benefits of Polling: Polling is very useful for small businesses as it helps in devising or updating a business plan and marketing strategies.

  • Helps in identifying the demands of the market
  • Helps in identifying the demands of the market
  • Anticipating the prices that the customers are ready to pay
  • To know whether your work is being appreciated or not

How is polling conducted? It can be done by various means like through:

  • Telephone
  • Internet
  • Newspapers

A series of questions can be laid out in accordance with the data you require to know.

Beware In this busy world most of the polls remain unnoticed.

So what to do? You can use interactive services like social networking sites and Email services. These are a sure shot means by which your polls could be answered. The questions can be asked in detail via Email as compared to telephone polling.


  • Always frame questions that are relevant.
  • You can also offer some prizes or memberships that will attract the people.

Our write up provides you with the benefits of knowing about your customer's thinking. Thus by incorporating the polling in a systematized manner you could get pertinent results that could help in making your business a successful and profitable one.

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