Why You Need Video Marketing For Your B2B Business?

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Video Marketing Benefits for B2B Businesses

An eye-opening report in HubSpot pointed out that adding even a single video on the landing page can boost the conversion rate by 80%. Not just B2C customers, video marketing has the power to engage and convert even the B2B buyers. Today, more than 74% of the B2B buyers are watching videos posted by the companies before making their buying decision. Videos are indeed the reigning trend in B2B content marketing and companies that have embraced video marketing are experiencing more traffic, higher average time spent, and increased conversions. There are many reasons why B2B marketers need video marketing for their B2B business and the top 5 have been listed below.

  • Because B2B Buyers Want Video Content

The average B2B buyers are the C-level executives in their fifties and, today, more than 57% of these people want video content from the brand before making any decision. Video marketing can target the B2B buyers in this segment and moreover, engage the millennials who are also becoming an important part of the B2B buying decisions. Thus, all age group of B2B buyers, be it the millennials or the executive level employees in their forties, fifties, and sixties want video content from the brand with which they are going to form business relations. And video marketing can easily help businesses meet this expectation of their potential clients.

  • Because Videos Make The Buyers Stay

Video content retains the audience, be it for B2B commerce or B2C commerce. Posting videos on various platforms like social media sites, company website, etc., can make the visitors pause and look for what is being offered. Videos, whether describing the products/services, offering information, providing entertainment content, or telling company’s story, have the power to engage more than 62% of the traffic coming to your site. Moreover, the B2B buyers are able to retain 95% of the content they consumed through videos as compared to any other form of content. With video marketing, businesses can engage the visitors and increase the chances of them retaining more information about your company and its products/services.

  • Because Personalized Videos Retain Existing Clients

With personalization reshaping all marketing techniques, personalized video marketing is the next big thing in B2B ecosphere. Personalizing the video content according to the data collected by the last activities of the existing clients can be a great way to retain them for the long haul. Curating video content according to the user behavior can result in a significant increase in the engagement rates and thus, the conversions. Personalized videos make the B2B buyers feel their importance. By analyzing the user data, businesses can easily know their interest, stage in the buying journey and when they can target them with what type of video to make them convert.

  • Because Videos Tell Your Business Story Effectively

Unlike B2C commerce, B2B commerce is about bigger deals and transactions for which, gaining the trust of the buyers, is indispensable. By telling your story to the B2B audience, you don’t just build trust but also boost your chances of converting the visitors into buyers. And nothing tells a story more effectively than videos. Video marketing plays a key role in building your B2B business and putting your story in front of the buyers. You can use videos to tell your company’s story or share the story behind your products and services to let the decision makers believe more in your business and what it offers. Moreover, you can include various techniques like sharing the videos of the making of your product, behind the scene videos, product launch videos, etc., in your video marketing to keep the B2B buyers engaged with your content.

  • Because Top B2B Social Networking Site Has Finally Embraced Videos

YouTube contents, Facebook videos, Instagram stories, and other social media video marketing techniques might work wonders for the B2C customers but LinkedIn is the platform trusted by the B2B buyers.And this top B2B social networking site has finally embraced video sharing technique. It had a very slop adoption to video but last year LinkedIn launched its video uploading feature. This shows that video marketing is gaining pace and B2B companies should also embrace it with open arms by sharing informational, advertisement, description videos etc., on this top B2B social networking site.

Video marketing is not just about leveraging the latest video technologies but more about creating better content to lure the b2B buyers. And the advancement in video marketing, in the field of B2B commerce, has just started. In the coming time, video marketing would become bigger and an indispensable tool for catching attention and converting the B2B decision makers.

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