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Other Products / Services

We offer a complete product range of Discharge Sealing Pouring Tube, Fridge Space Saver, Photographic Film Roll, Smoking Area Ashtay and Transformers Robot

Discharge Sealing Pouring Tube

Now don't let your food get wasted in just pouring up things in Storage jars. We provide you high quality pouring tubes which you need to attach to the food bags which you get from the markets and see the magic. No littering, no mess, no wastage of food. It will not only save your time but money also which gets wasted by pouring things

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Fridge Space Saver

Multiple Appliances, such as kitchen organizing, fridge organizing, table organizing, stationery storage, small toys storage, small components arrangement. Please check your fridge tray compatibility before ordering.

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Photographic Film Roll

We can now keep toothpicks in film roll as they are no longer needed to store photos. In today’s digital camera era, bright color replica is cool retro addition to your home and bring hipster vibe.

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Smoking Area Ashtay

This ash tray is small and handy which can be stored in car, bag or under the table. It also encourage all those how tend to throw on to the street. With this or something else, let's keep our surronding clean!

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Transformers Robot

The Transformers are a species of sentient, living robotic beings (mostly) originating from the distant machine world of Cybertron. As Transformer can change thier body like ways the head of the thier Robotic Ashtray can be removed. A sturdy transformer robot design ashtray is great look ashtray to make everyone stare. Can be used as decoratives.A man's exclusive patent ashtray! Highlight your unique vision!

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Hopped Up Glass

Pour your own beverage in this upside down shape bottle glass. This work of thought will create new standard of serving drinks. Whether it is soft drink, juice or , you quench your thirstiest thirst!

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On Off Gravity Switch

This On off lamp is modern, portable & unique light in its own way. It have been designed as huge wall switch and works in similar way as switch mounted on to the wall. The light inside the switch can be turned ON Off by pressing ON OFF and flipping between them.

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Window Spray

Humanized, stylish and practical design 3-in-1 function, total 3 steps can clean your window, spray some water on window glass with the Trigger Sprayer, then use the soft rubber blade to scrape stain, at last, use the toweling wiper to scrubs away dirt, bugs and dried stains so your windows can be very clean in seconds. Long handle which makes it ideal to use on windows, mirrors and hard to reach places. Transparent handle can be removable, and it also is water storage container, easy and quick to refill water for the trigger sprayer Fiber towel with Velcro closure design, easy to remove and replace, convenient to wash Easy to use and store So multifunction cleaning tool is excellent for scrubbing stubborn dirt from windows without leaving any remarks .Ideal for cleaning and wiping your car/home windows and mirrors, bathroom tile.

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Broom Wiper Utility holder

Broom and mop holders are great for eliminating the clutter from messy closets by providing neat organization and storage for long-handled cleaning tools like brooms, mops, dustpans, dusters, and more. Our wall mounted broom holders come in 5 slots to accommodate a full array of floor cleaning tools or maybe just a few essential items like a broom and dustpan for the kitchen or bathroom. Maximize storage space in utility closets, stairwells, the garage, and more by keeping sweepers, dust pans, mops, and more neatly organized and securely stored right on the walls in your closet, stairwell, or garage. 5 slots hold seven pounds of weight each, so heavier items such as shovels can be held securely. 6 slide out hooks for hanging light-weight items. Fits most handle sizes. Two spacers are included for smaller handle sizes. Just pull out the thin ones and put in the thick spacers. Easy to install. Supplies needed are: pencil, hammer, ¼"" drill bit, drill, level, and Phillips screwdriver. Three mounting screws and wall anchors are included. -Easy to install wall organizer! -Compact size for small storage areas -Holds golf clubs, pool sticks, and other sporting equipment in addition to brooms and mops! Holds brooms, mops, and more!"

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Lunch Bags

Quality food insulated lunch bags are thick enough to keep your food hot or cold for longer period of time. Baymax print is new age cartoon character loved by all. Simplistic in design it can be used all including kids, adults, women, men.   Features: Insulated foam to keep your food at orginal tempreature for long time Easy to clean washable Bag Suitable for all kinds of foof for 1 Canvas Holding strap Size: 200 x 170 x 160 mm approx

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Waterproof Dry Bag

If you are planning to dive on beach, hike in montains or getting back home in bad weather, our dry bag will protect your precious item from water, sand and mud. Manufactured by nylon and silicon coating on outside, its super durable companion for your all off road trips.

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Spain Soccer Player Figure

David Villa is a Spain's all time top goalscorer and was an integral member of 2010 World Cup wining team.

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Wall Hanging Cosmetic

When we travel the basic fight is to keep and organize every small accessory which we use daily like our Toothbrushes, Razors, Creams, Lotions Hair Oils, Gels, Perfumes, Make up products etc etc. This usually happens with everyone we miss something while keeping all these stuffs. Now it won't happen again, we present this beautiful hanging organizer which will keep all your daily needs in one place with any mess. Just Roll it and Keep it The Travel Hanging Organizer has Multi compartments that allow you to easily view and access your toiletries and cosmetics when you need them most on. Reinforced hanging hook makes it easy to store on towel racks, shower rod or on door knobs. This hanging organizer folds up into a compact.      

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Hand bag

Our inflatable air bubble bags are cute traveling shoulder bags. You can take these about anywhere even on beach and it will protect your belongings as well. Bag need to be inflated by air upon arrival. Easy to fill by mouth or any air pump.

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Pecker Exerciser

Don’t forget to exercise your love muscle Pecker exerciser is a hilarious gag gift for a bachelors party or as a marriage gift. Gift him if you believe he needs to Rep Up before marriage or he would be needing this to keep his manhood alive.

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Cleaning Putty

Hightech Cleaning Compound Lowest Price for Limited Time Looking remarkably weird, this strange sticky putty can clean your gadgets. When you press, streched on to a surface it picks up dust. It so weird that feels wet when you squeeze between your hands, when its not. No matter what you can clean with Cyber clean.      

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Glasses Desk Stand Holder

Such a handsome man is ready to hold frames for you. It has space to hold and protect your shades or eye glasses to rub against various other item.

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Music Box

  • Size 15 x 14 x 9 cm

Vintage style music box gets girl dance on its tune. Just wind key clockwise for 2 circle and beautiful girl will start rotating and dancing on its tune. Along with the music, piano keys also moves up and down like a real song is played along.  Features: Vintage style music box Watch Ballerina girl dancing along with the tune Moving Piano keys Material: Plastic

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