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Effluent Treatment Plant

Effluent Treatment Plant

We are a leading Effluent Treatment Plant Manufacturer in India. Effluent Treatment Plant helps in removing contaminations from wastewater and Industrial effluent, water that are used by Industry , hospitals, & Hotel are degraded in quality as a result of the introduction of contaminating constituents during Process & Uses Like - Organic wastes, suspended solids, bacteria, Oil & Grease , Chemicals, Metals, Resins, Colorant, & Surfactant are pollutants that commonly Call Effluent.

To make wastewater acceptable for reuse or for returning to the environment, the concentration of contaminants must be reduced to a non-harmful level, usually a standard prescribed by the Environmental Protection Agency. Its include Physical, Chemical, and Biological Process to remove Physical, Chemical, and Biological contaminations. Its objective is to produce an environmentally safe water waste stream. Effluent is a resource that can be recycled for various uses like Chillers, Cooling Towers, Gardening, Toilet flushing. Effluent Treatment Plant is a Type of Waste Water Treatment Plant.

We offer both customized and standardized ETP Plant and are Top Effluent Treatment Plant Manufacturer in India.



  • Remote logging, construction and mining site

  • Recreational areas such as marinas, campgrounds and parks

  • Land development, subdivisions and housing

  • Manufacturing facilities and power plants

  • Remote accommodation centers

  • Universities and schools

  • Biological waste water treatment for industrial wastewater flows

  • Small and medium sized communities and cities



  • Quick delivery and installation

  • Simple to operate

  • Low manpower

  • Regulatory complaint

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Custom design/ application specific systems

  • Extended service life

  • Less cost because of pre-engineered, pre-fabricated structures

  • Certification : CE Certified
  • Warranty : 1 Year
  • Voltage : 380V
  • Power : 5-10kw
  • Weight : 100-1000kg
  • Use : Water Recycling
  • Driven Type : Electric
  • Type : Automatic

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