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We offer the best product range of Octane analyzer (motor / Research Method), Automatic Petroleum Oils, Petroleum Oils Analyzer, CCS Cold Cranking Simulator For Testing Apparent Viscosity of Engine and Sulfated ash analyzer.

Octane analyzer (motor / Research Method)

70.13 Lakh /Set
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  • Min. Order (MOQ) 1 Set(s)

fdr-3561 octane analyzer (motor / research method)


applicable "gasoline octane machine assay (mon)" gb / t503, "determination of the gasoline octane engine (research)" gb / t5487, and astm d2700, astm d2699



1, using the fld modular design, the motor method and research method can switch the two conditions;

2, the instrument supports interpolation commentary oil operation, the test results can be quickly calculated;

3, se air filtration systems configured to provide standards-compliant clean, dry, heated gases;

4, professional knock sensor signal fdt-ds uses the industry standard design, more stable and reliable;

5, configure a special friends knock detection system to ensure zero for knock signal, magnification, broadening adjust stability, precision instrument repeatability is less than 0.2 / r octane.

6, using magnetic induction ignition, the test of detonation ignition time more precise.

7. Configure fad security system for emergency protection under abnormal conditions, protect the safety of operating personnel;

8, the device uses user-friendly design, customers can demand, self-matching low-temperature test tank, and cooling water circulation system.


technical parameters

1, measuring range: 50 to 100 octane

2, the compression ratio range: 4: 1 to 12: 1

3, cylinder bore: 65mm

4, piston stroke: 100mm

5, the engine speed range: 900 ± 9r / min (mon), 600 ± 6r / min (research method)

6, the machine rated power: 8000w

7, power: 380 ± 10% vac, 50 ± 1hz, 220 ± 10% vac, 50 ± 1hz



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Automatic Petroleum Oils

825 /Set
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  • Min. Order (MOQ) 1 Set(s)
  • temperature range room temperature ~ 1000 ℃ ± 3 ℃
coulometry sulfur measurement instrument micro coulometry principle, when the sample combustion redox reaction in the cracking tube, the carrier gas into the titration cell, and with i3- or ag + reacts by measuring the electrolytic titration the consumption of electricity, according to faraday's law, to obtain the total sulfur or total chlorine content of the sample.

1, the instrument uses the windows operating platform, english interface
2, the computer controls the entire analysis, data processing and other processes, show the whole process of working condition, may be needed parameters, save or print the results
3, the international fashion circuit and instrument uses imported components, reducing equipment noise and improve the detection sensitivity, reliable performance
4, instrument measurements accurate and stable.

Technical parameters
1, measuring range: sulfur 0.1mg l ~ 10000mg l ~ percentage
chlorine 0.3mg l ~ 10000mg l ~ percentage
2, the sample states: solid, liquid, gas (matching the corresponding injector).
3, temperature range: room temperature ~ 1000 � Ⱡ3 �
4, repeatability error: x 10mg l cv�5%

Additional Information:

Payment Terms : L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union,

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Petroleum Oils Analyzer

825 /Set
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  • Min. Order (MOQ) 1 Set(s)
  • whole power consumption <150W
this instrument conforms to the standards gb t11140, gb t17040, astm d4294 and astm d2622. The instrument is suitable for the determination of trace amounts of sulfur in petroleum products. Because it uses physical analysis method, high analysis speed, no sample pretreatment, high accuracy, little artificial error, the operator labor intensity is low, no pollution, this analysis method has being widely used in the international and replace the other sulfur analysis method.

1, the instrument uses a full english operating system, human-friendly communication interface.
2, detection time is short, automatically detect the results within 30 seconds; automatic c h ratio correction, which is suitable for a variety of samples;
3, large-screen lcd display, automatically print measurement data;
4, the instrument uses the x-ray tube excitation, so that the instrument can be long-term use, without being affected by the source attenuation;
5, the instrument uses a physical analysis method, the analysis does not touch and destroy the sample, no chemical reagents;
6, the instrument uses an integrated design, easy maintenance;

technical parameters
1, the scope of analysis: s analysis range can be adjusted, the user can calibrate the work curve to select the scope of the analysis.
2, the width of the analysis range: s% max-s% min ≤ 9.999%; for example, oil: s: 0.001 ~ 9.999%.
3, the inherent error, analysis accuracy: for example, oil: in line with national standards gb t 17040, in line with the us national standard astm d4294 related requirements.
4, the system analysis time: 1 ~ 999 seconds, the recommended value of 60 seconds.
5, detection limit: 10ppm
6, the use of conditions: ambient temperature: 5 ~ +40 ℃, relative humidity: ≤ 85% (30 ℃), power supply: 220v ± 20v, 50hz.
7, the whole power consumption:
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CCS Cold Cranking Simulator For Testing Apparent Viscosity of Engine O

825 /Set
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  • Min. Order (MOQ) 1 Set(s)
  • Power supply AC220V ± 10% 50HZ
Engine oil apparent viscosity analyzer applicable standards: gb t6538 astm d5293 low dynamic viscosity index of the engine oil, the main test instrument, the use of modern advanced technology, mechanical, optical electronics and computer technology, and temperature measurement, temperature control. Temperature accuracy and stability.
Engine oil apparent viscosity analyzer reasonable structure, stable performance, simple operation, is the ideal detection equipment.

1, engine oil apparent viscosity analyzer using the lcd screen display, man-machine interface friendly exchanges.
2, the engine oil apparent viscosity analyzer configured automatic diagnosis system, automatic fault prompts.
3, the engine oil apparent viscosity analyzer uses flanders brand speed control system and imported motor drive, to a great extent on the stability of the driving current stable and precise control drive motor speed, more accurate results.
4, the engine oil apparent viscosity analyzer automatically corrects the speed control system configuration system, automatic viscosity correction system, automatic calibration function curve system.
5, engine oil apparent viscosity analyzer smart operating system, the user simply one-button operation, automatic heating equipment, automatic timing, automatic calculation, automatic thermostat, automatic save results automatically print the report.

Technical parameters
1, cooling mode: imported compressor refrigeration
2, temperature range: room temperature ~ -35 ± 0.1 ℃
3, circular way: imported low temperature cycle pump drive
4, the temperature control: temperature control system microcontroller
5, the drive motor: imported motor
6, display: lcd
7, the correction method: standard oil correction
8 power supply: ac220v ± 10% 50hz
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Sulfated ash analyzer

2.06 Lakh /Set
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  • Min. Order (MOQ) 1 Set(s)
  • Application Oil Testing
  • Brand Name Friend

FDR-2102 Sulfated ash analyzer


This instrument was designed and manufactured in accordance with thestandards GB/T 2433 and ASTM D874.This instrument can measure for sulfated ash from lubricating oils and additives.


The ash sample was fired into the remaining carbon in a 775 ° C high temperature furnace, and the carbonaceous residue was heated to ash and then cooled and weighed.



1. Automatic heating, automatic temperature control

2. Good insulation effect



Technical Parameters

1.      Heating power: 4000W

2.      Rated voltage: AC220V / 50Hz

3.      Furnace size: 300 × 200 × 120

4.      Porcelain crucible: 50ml



Additional Information:

Payment Terms : L/C, T/T

Packaging Details : Standard Wooden Case

Delivery Time : 35 days

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Crankcase simulation test analyzer

  • Min. Order (MOQ) 1 Set(s)

FDH-2701 Crankcase simulation test analyzer


This instrument is suitable for the evaluation of additives and additives containing engine oil thermal oxidation stability, it is the research work in the flat selection of detergents, antioxidant and oil compound formula of a simulation test method.


1, the instrument is composed of two parts: the control box and the host

2, the control box has two digital temperature control table, which control the temperature of oil tank and test board

3, digital temperature control table has a display intuitive, easy to operate and high precision temperature control features

4, the temperature control meter control the temperature of the oil tank and the test board through the heating plate

5, the time relay can timing and automatic control the motor start or turn off

6, the host part is made of stainless steel, with a simple shape, beautiful, corrosion-resistant features, the instrument easy to operate, reliable

7, the instrument can be used for two working conditions: coke or paint, a machine dual-use


Technical Parameters

1, power supply: AC220V ± 10% 50Hz

2, the input power: 1KW

3, temperature range: room temperature ~ 390


4, timing range: 0 to 99 hours

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Petroleum products chroma meter

1.24 Lakh /Set
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  • Min. Order (MOQ) 1 Set(s)

FDR-2301 Petroleum products chroma meter


 This instrument conforms to ASTM D1500. It can determine the colors of various lubricants and other petroleum products. The determination method is inject the test sample into the color tube, and then compare with the standard color film to determine its color number.



1, the instrument uses molding technology, the whole structure is more reasonable and durable.

2, the system used by the US YBS optical refraction angle without manual adjustment, clear vision, no blind spots, the result is more accurate observation.

3, self zoom design, lighting control system makes the instrument more operational.

4, the instrument uses CANOSN color wheel, to ensure the accuracy of the results.

5, the instrument uses a belt drive structure, easy color number conversion operation, no noise. Environmental Protection

6, reasonable structure design, can also see the two semi-color.

7. The color number corresponds to ASTM D1500, GB / T6540 and ISO color number.


Technical Parameters

1) light source system: automatic control source size

2) colorimetric tube: standard requirements, special cuvette

3) standard color plate: CANOSN color plate

4) zoom system: independent zoom

5) Transmission: belt drive

6) Optical system: Optical system US YBS



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quenching medium oil cooling characteristics tester Scope

  • Min. Order (MOQ) 1 Set(s)

FDH-2831 (Heat treatment oil) quenching medium oil cooling characteristics tester



This instrument is widely used in standard laboratory conditions, under production conditions on the shop floor cooling medium, the cooling bath monitoring, comparative analysis, the same can also be used for the actual parts for heating and cooling test, It is an effective means to stabilize and improve product quality heat treatment, to reduce and eliminate waste, improve efficiency of energy consumption.


Technical Parameters

1, the implementation of standards: ISO 9950, JB / T7951-2004, JB / T7951-1999, SH / T0220. Different power according to user needs probe

2, the temperature measuring range: 0 ~ 900

3, the cooling rate measuring range: 0 ~ 1000 / s

4, measurement accuracy: Temperature: ± 0.5%; maximum cooling rate: ± 5%; maximum temperature where the cooling rate: ± 5%

5, the power supply voltage: 220 ± 20V

6, the sampling frequency: 123 times / s

7, the correction coefficient: 0.5 to 1.5

8, electric heating power: 700w

9. Computer: various brands or compatible, laptop or desktop


10, Printer: Universal Printer

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High Temperature Lubricant Foaming Characteristics Analyzer

  • Min. Order (MOQ) 1 Set(s)

fdh-3201 high temperature lubricant foaming characteristics analyzer


applicable standards: astm d6082, sh/t 0722

this instrument is suitable for testing the lubricating oil foam characteristics at 150 ℃.

the samples were heated to 49 °c, constant temperature for 30 minutes and then cooled to room temperature. The samples were transferred to a specified cylinder and heated to 150 °c. Ventilated air was introduced into the metal diffusion head for 5 minutes, record the amount of static foam immediately before stopping the ventilation, the amount of exercise foam and the amount of static foam after a predetermined period of time after stopping the ventilation, the time for the bubble to disappear and total volume increase percentage.



1, the instrument is split, including heating bath and accurate flow meter.

2, high temperature borosilicate glass cylinder, φ300 × 450mm, which meet the standard requirements;

3, environment-friendly oil bath, which reduces the fumes damage to the human body, and reached a highly efficient thermal insulation effect;

4, stainless steel heater;

5, the air filter with glass wool;

6, micro-thermostat and pid control, digital display temperature, accuracy 0.1 ℃, pt100 rtd temperature probe;


technical parameters

1, temperature control mode: imported pid digital temperature controller

2, temperature control accuracy: ± 0.1

3, heating method: oil bath heating

4, the whole power: 2.5kw

5, working unit: 2

6, flow control: precision flow meter

7, power supply: ac220v / 50hz

8, temperature range: 150 ± 0.1


9, standards: astm d6082, sh/t0722

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sulfur content analyzer dark oil

  • Min. Order (MOQ) 1 Set(s)

FDH-2541 (Tube furnace method) sulfur content analyzer dark oil


Black petroleum products - Determination of sulfur content analyzer according to standard: GB / T 387 Determination of sulfur content of dark petroleum products. Sulfur content of dark petroleum products tester for a sulfur content greater than 0.1% (m / m) of dark petroleum products, such as lubricants, heavy oil products, crude oil, petroleum coke, paraffin and sulfur-containing additives.



1, the sulfur content of dark petroleum products using automated analyzer tube furnace experimental method, program control tube furnace heating and mobile

2, the dark petroleum products sulfur content analyzer using the super-insulation insulation materials, pipe furnaces are able to work at high temperatures


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Crude Oil Salt Content Analyzer

  • Min. Order (MOQ) 1 Set(s)

FDR-2601 Crude oil and its products salt content analyzer


This instrument conforms to the GB / T6532 standard



1, integrated design, easy to operate

2, digital PID temperature control, high accuracy

3, adjustable voltage heating, flexible operation


Technical Parameters

1, the control temperature: 60 ± 1

2 operating modes: digital temperature control, electric heating tube


3, Power Supply: AC220V ± 10% 50HZ

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Jet Fuel Total Acid Analyzer

2.06 Lakh /Set
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  • Min. Order (MOQ) 1 Set(s)

FDR-2701 Jet fuel total acid analyzer


This instrument conforms to the ASTM D3242 and GB/T12574 standard



1, integrated design, easy to operate, easy to maintain

2, with adjustable heating units heating, no fire, safety and environmental protection

3, digital PID temperature control, temperature control accuracy

4, may at any time to monitor changes in the meter


Technical Parameters

1, the heating power: 2000W (adjustable)

2 operating modes: digital timer, electric heating plate

3, the nitrogen flow rate: 600 ~ 800mL / min


4, Power supply: AC220V ± 10% 50HZ

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Lubricating Oils Evaporation Loss Analyzer By ASTM D5800 Noack method

825 /Set
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  • Min. Order (MOQ) 1 Set(s)
  • Brand Name Friend
  • Power AC220V ± 10 50Hz
  • Model Number FDH-1701
  • Place of Origin China
lubricant evaporation loss tester applicable standards: sh t0059 65g of oil loaded in an evaporator, and heated to 250 ° c, for 60 minutes. Evaporated with a vacuum pump oil vapor in the air stream to carry out the evaporation loss measured tendency lubricating oil.

1, lubricating oil evaporation loss tester using imported thermostat temperature control (omron), temperature control accuracy, low failure rate
2, evaporation loss of lubricating analyzer imported digital pressure gauge, equipped with zeroing knob
3, the use of lubricant evaporation loss tester timing system, when prompted alarm
4, lubricant evaporation loss tester metal bath heating, avoiding the traditional water bath heated volatile need replenishment shortcomings
5, the lubricant evaporation loss tester using self-developed vacuum system, no noise

technical parameters
1, power: ac220v ± 10 50hz
2, the input power: 1.4k va
3, ambient temperature: room temperature ~ + 35 ℃
4, the output range: 0 ~ 14kva
5, temperature control accuracy: bath: 250 ± 0.5 ℃
6, timing accuracy: 3600s ± 0.1s
7, temperature control instrumentation: intelligent program temperature control device
8, heating time: about 60min
9, pressure gauge: 20mn ± 0.2mm water column
10, the sensor: ptl00
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Extreme pressure lubricant oxidation characteristics analyzer

  • Min. Order (MOQ) 1 Set(s)
  • Brand Name Friend
  • Application Oil Testing

FDH-0401 Extreme pressure lubricant oxidation characteristics analyzer


Standard: SH / T0123

Sample in 95 ° C, which leads to constant dry air, test 312h, by measuring changes in growth and sedimentation value of the sample value 100 ° C kinematic viscosity.



1, extreme pressure lubricant oxidation characteristics analyzer using intelligent temperature controller with a microprocessor, with self-tuning, self-diagnostic function, PID three parameters to adjust the temperature, auxiliary heating automatically turn off, thus high precision temperature control, performance stable and reliable.

2, extreme pressure lubricant oxidation characteristics analyzer with automatic timing device, without manual timing, when the alarm.

3, extreme pressure lubricant oxidation characteristics analyzer using precision flowmeter control systems, flow can be set with the user.

4, extreme pressure lubricant oxidation characteristics analyzer uses an integrated setting, operation and maintenance simple and convenient.


Technical Parameters

1, temperature range: room temperature ~ 150 ° C, temperature control accuracy: 0.1 °C.

2, temperature control mode: intelligent temperature control thermostat.

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Lubricant oxidation stability analyzer

  • Min. Order (MOQ) 1 Set(s)

fdh-0801 lubricant oxidation stability analyzer


lubricant oxidation stability analyzer is based on the english petrochemical industry standard sh / t0196 "determination of lubricant oxidation stability" design, manufacture. for the determination of lubricating oil oxidation stability.



the instrument has the following characteristics:

1, bath made of stainless steel, durable, never corrosion.

2, digital timer can visualize the test of time, after reaching a predetermined time the buzzer sounds prompt.

3, the temperature control system uses digital temperature controller, temperature control and high accuracy.

4, the overall structure of the instrument is compact, beautiful appearance, easy to use.


technical parameters

1, suitable for carrying out oxidation ease and depth of oxidation test under specified conditions

2, temperature range: 0 ~ 200

3, the control point temperature: 125

4, temperature control accuracy: ± 0.1

5, the input power: 1.5kw

6, intelligent instrument display timing of the test time, test temperature control intelligent temperature control instrumentation

7, with ease and depth of oxide oxidation two test functions, two test methods can be tested four (or six) sample

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Ash Analyzer

  • Min. Order (MOQ) 1 Set(s)

fdr-2101 ash analyzer


this instrument was designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of national standard gb/t 508 "petroleum products - determination of ash".  but this instrument does not apply containing raw ash additive (including certain phosphorus containing compound additives) of petroleum products, and leaded lubricating oil and the used engine crankcase oil.



1, integrated design, easy operation and maintenance

2, temperature control system with pid temperature control, temperature control and high precision, stable

3, using ceramic fiber materials, better insulation

technical parameters

1 power supply: ac220v ± 10%; 50hz

2, electric (heating plate) heating power: 2400w

3, high-temperature furnace (box furnace): heating temperature of 775 ± 25 , rated power 2500w

4, heating control: manual control switch


5, the porcelain crucible: 50ml, 100ml

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