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Dyes & Pigments

We are leaders in the market for providing best range of Textile Dyestuffs, Leather Dyestuffs and Dyestuffs

Textile Dyestuffs

Customers can avail high quality Textile Dyestuffs from us. Made using quality material, our Textile Dyestuffs are widely demanded in the market. We make Textile Dyestuffs available in various specifications to meet the different requirements of the customers. We have priced Textile Dyestuffs reasonably. Besides, we are a renowned Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Textile Dyestuffs.

  • Against Acidol M Of BASF
    Compounds Cas No.
    Acid Yellow 158:1 Acidol Yellow M5gl
    Acid Yellow 204 Acidol Yellow M5rl
    Acid Yellow 241 Acidol Yellow M2gln
    Acid Orange 142 Acidol Orange Mrl
    Acid Red 362 Acidol Red Mbr
    Acid Violet 90 Acidol Bordo Mb
    Acid Violet 92 Acidol Violet Mb
    Acid Blue 185 Acidol Brilliant Blue M5g
    Acid Blue 193 Acidol Dark Blue Mtr
    Acid Blue 342 Acidol Navy Blue Mrbl
    Acid Brown 365 Acidol Brown M2rl
    Acid_Green_104 Acidol_Green_Mbgl
    Acid Black 187 Acidol Grey Mg
    Acid Black 194 Acidol Black Msrl

    Salicylic Compounds

    CompoundsCas No.
    5 Amino Salicylic Acid89-57-6
    5 Nitro Salicylic Acid96-97-9
    Papas Acid [Para Amino Para Azo Salisylic
    Acid (Sodium Salt)]
    Salicylic Acid69-72-7

  • Acid Metal Complex Dyes Against Neolan Of Ciba / Palatin Of BASF
    Compounds Cas No.
    Acid Yellow 99 Neolan Yellow GR
    Acid Orange 74 Neolan Orange GR
    Acid Red 183 Neolan Red GRE
    Acid Red 186 Neolan Pink BN
    Acid Red 198 Neolan Red REG
    Acid Blue 158 Neolan Blue 2G
    Acid Blue 314 Neolan Navy Blue RLB
    Acid Black 52 Neolan Black WA
    Acid Green 12 Neolan Green BLN

    Resorcinol Compounds

    CompoundsCas No.
    2 Chloro Resorcinol6201-65-6
    2 Nitro Resorcinol601-89-8
    4 Chloro Resorcinol95-88-5
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Leather Dyestuffs

We hold expertise in manufacturing, supplying and exporting the best quality Leather Dyestuffs . Leather Dyestuffs, available with us, are known for their accurate composition. The Leather Dyestuffs, which we offer, are widely demanded for numerous industrial applications. Clients can avail premium Leather Dyestuffs from us at the leading market prices.

  • Against Luganil Of BASF
    C.I. No. Equivalent to
    Acid Yellow 42 Luganil Yellow G
    Acid Red 283 Luganil Red NG
    Acid Red 357 Luganil Red GL
    Acid Blue 133 Luganil Blue NGR
    Acid Brown 355 Luganil Brown BL
    Acid Brown 75 Luganil Brown NR
    Acid Brown 97 Luganil Browm MFR
    Acid Brown 160:1 Luganil Brown N3GN
    Acid Brown 161 Luganil Brown NGB
    Acid Brown 165 Luganil Brown NT
    Acid Brown 322 Luganil Olive Brown N
    Acid Brown 422 Luganil Brown GOL
    Acid Brown 434 Luganil Brown RL
    Acid Black 84 Luganil Grey GC

    Dyes for Leather against CIBA/TFL

    C.I. No. Equivalent to
    Acid Yellow 79 Sellafast Yellow B
    Acid Yellow 194 Sellafast Orange H
    Acid Yellow 199 Sellafast Orange PF
    Acid Brown 147 Sellafast Brown CR
    Acid Brown 191 Sellafast Brown DR
    Acid Orange 51 Sellafast Brown HC
    Acid Red 97 Sellafast Red C
    Acid Red 119 Sellafast Brown MW
    Acid Violet 54 Sellafast Red F
    Acid Red 337 Sellacid Red PF
    Acid Blue 25 Sellacid Blue PF
    Acid Green 68:1 Sellafast Green GD
    Acid Green 73 Sellafast Olive C-SG
  • Against Luganil Of BASF
    C.I. No. Equivalent to
    Acid Yellow 1 Naphthol Yellow S
    Acid Yellow 25 Acidol Yellow GE of BASF / Erio Yellow 2RLS of Ciba
    Acid Yellow 44 Acid Milling Yellow H-5G of Hoechst / C&Kc
    Acid Yellow 127 Erionyl Yellow 3G of Ciba
    Acid Yellow 151 Erinoyl Golden Yellow MR of Ciba
    Acid Yellow 159 Nylanthrene Yellow FLW of C&k/ Nylosan Yellow SLW of Clarian
    Acid Yellow 166 Sellafast Yellow 4GL of Ciba
    Acid Yellow 220 Lanacron Yellow S-2G of Ciba
    Acid Yellow 246 Tectilon Yellow 3R of Ciba
    Acid Orange 3 Acid Fur Yellow E
    Acid Orange 10 Acid Orange G
    Acid Orange 19 Sellacid Red 2G of Ciba
    Acid Orange 60 Irgalan Orange 2RL of Ciba
    Acid Orange 67 Nylomine Orange C-G of ICI
    Acid Orange 80 DermaLight Yellow 2RL of Clariant
    Acid Orange 86 Irgalan Orange RL of Ciba
    Acid Orange 154 Lanacron Orange S-2R of Ciba
    Acid Orange 162 Irgalan Yellow C-RL of Ciba
    Acid Red 42 Acidol Red 2BE-NW of BASF
    Acid Red 57 Tectilon Red 3B of Ciba
    Acid Red 89 Replacement for Acid Red 114
    Acid Red 131 Polar Brilliant Red 3BN of Ciba
    Acid Red 151 Nylosan Red F2R of Clariant
    Acid Red 211 Irgalan Red 2GL
    Acid Red 249 Polar Brilliant Red B of Ciba
    Acid Red 260 Polar Red RLS of Ciba / Supranol Fast Red BL of Dystar
    Acid Red 266 Nylomine Red A-2B of ICI
    Acid Red 278 Isolan Red SG of Bayer
    Acid Red 315 Lanacron Red S-G of Ciba
    Acid Red 361 Tectilon Red 2B of Ciba
    Acid Red 419 Nylanthrene Red B-2B
    Acid Blue 277 Tectilon Blue 4R of Ciba
    Acid Blue 355 Isolan Navy Blue S-RL of Dystar
    Acid Green 1 Napthol Green B
    Acid Green 80 Lanasyn Green 5GL / Dermalight Green 5GL of Clariant
    Acid Brown 4 Neptune Brown RX of BASF
    Acid Brown 14 Resorcinol Brown RD
    Acid Brown 98 Sellafast Brown O of Ciba / Derma Brown 5G
    Acid Brown 282 Lanacron Brown SGR of Ciba
    Acid Brown 283 Lanacron Red Brown SR of Ciba
    Acid Brown 402 Lanasysn Brown S-DL of Clariant
    Acid Brown 425 Sandoderm Brown G of Clariant
    Acid Brown 432 Sandoderm Brown R of Clariant
    Acid Black 60 Irgalan Grey BRL of Ciba
    Acid Black 64 Irgalan Olive BGL of Ciba
    Acid Black 107 Intralan Black BGL of C&K
    Acid Black 164 Ortolan Black BL of BASF / Stenolana Black BGL of ACNA
    Acid Red 251 Irgalan Bordevx EL
    Acid Red 426 Telon Red KRRLL
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