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Chromium Oxide Pigment Grade

Chromium Oxide Pigment Grade

Chrome oxide is a green crystal powder, metal luster, magnetic, good covering strength, high temperature-resisting and sunlight fastness. Not soluble in water, barely soluble in acids, comparatively stable in air, unaffected by acids and alkalis of common density, sulfur dioxide, sulfur hydrogen etc. Chrome oxide green enjoys excellent quality and firmness of coloring. Chrome Yellow: Chromium is used as a pigment in paint. The familiar yellow lines painted down the center of highways and the yellow paint used on school buses are often "chrome yellow" - a color produced from chromium pigment. Chromium Oxide Pigment Grade image Other chromium-based pigments are chrome red, chrome oxide green, and chrome green, which are a mixture of chrome yellow and Prussian blue. Chromium oxide is used for imparting greenish color to glass. Chromium is an important pigment in many types of paint, ink, dye and cosmetics. Chrome Green: Chromium oxide gives green under most conditions. Amount upto 1% disperse and dissolve fairly easily and give bright greens in alkaline glazes, drab green in boron glazes and yellowish green in lead glazes. Quantity below 0.5% will give yellow in lead glazes. Amount upto a maximum of 3% give opacity and grayish green colors. The oxide powder is quite often quite a rich blue green color but it is impossible to keep this color in glazes without the assistance of cobalt oxide. Chromium oxide can also be used to stain slips and bodies. Amounts upto 5% gives different grey greens. Chrome Red: Small amount of chromium oxide dissolve well and give a bright red color below 900C in combination with lead oxide and silica. It is easy to product red and orange glasses for filling hollows in horizontally-fired tiles. The firing needs to be fully oxidized to achieve red color

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