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Trademark & Copyright Consultants

We offer the best product range of Private Limited Company Registration, LLP Registration, One Person Company Registration, Partnership Firm Registration and Shop & Establishment License Registration.

Private Limited Company Registration

A Private Limited Company is a privately maintained small business existence, which is one of the highly recommended means to start a business in India. The efficiency of members of a private limited company restricted to the number of shares possessed by that member. The Companies Act 2013 govern a private Limited company (Creates Separate Legal Entity) where A minimum number of shareholders required to start a private limited corporation is two, while the higher limit of members is 200 following the Companies Act, 2013. If a separate Private limited company faces financial risk, its shareholders are not subject to sell their assets, i.e. they ought to take limited liability. There must be a least of 2 directors, and a height of 15 directors for a private limited company above the age of 18 years. A foreign national can become a director of private limited company India. There is no minimum paid-up capital cost for a private limited company and has never-ending existence. A private limited company holds on existing even in the case of death or bankruptcy of its Members. A Private Limited Company does not contain any relationship with the public; they aren't permitted to ask for any collateral from the public or public sectors. In a Private Limited Company, people are not entitled to transfer shares, which can help to stop the takeovers of minute Private Limited firms from big Public companies. Every Private Limited Company must use "" after their name and can consist of 200 members at a time mentioning everything in Memorandum. Private Limited Company has to pay corporate tax.

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LLP Registration

Overview of llp registration limited liability partnership is a type of partnership firm which is more preferred by entrepreneur. It is the easiest form of business structure with the benefit of limited liability. Llp registration gives freedom to partners to form a partnership structure where the liability of each partner is limited to the amount they contribute into the business. Limited liability partnership firm registration means that if the partnership fails, creditors cannot ask for partner’s personal property or income. What is limited liability partnership firm? llps or limited liability partnership is a type of business structure which offers extra benefits in comparison to partnership firm. It provides limited liability to its partners at a very nominal compliance costs. Moreover, the partners of the firm can organize their internal structure like a partnership firm. In short, llp is a separate legal entity from its member that has the power to extend all its assets keeping the liabilities of partners limited. Hence, a limited liability partnership is a hybrid of a company and a partnership firm. Corporate body as per section 3 of the limited liability partnership act, 2008, under llp registration a f firm is a corporate body which has come into force with effect from april 1, 2009. The indian partnership act 1932 is not applicable to llp. Never ending a limited liability partnership firm has a benefit of perpetual succession and can continue its existence even after the retirement, death, insanity of one or more respective partners in the firm. Limited liability the most important feature of llp is limited liability that all its partners entertain which means their personal assets are safe and won’t be used to pay the losses or debt of the firm. Apart from it, innocent partners of a limited liability partnership firm are not liable to pay for the wrong deeds done by some other partner.

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One Person Company Registration

Companies act 2013 gave birth to the concept of one person company. Section 2(62) of companies act defines ‘one person company’ as “a company run by a single person who is acting as a shareholder and director at the same time”. One person company registration has lower compliance as compared to a private limited company. Entrepreneurs in the initial stage of their business prefer to create opcs instead of sole proprietorship business because the advantages that opcs offer. What is opc? opc or one person company can be formed with a single person who is the owner and director of the company. It was introduced under the company’s act, 2013. One person company registration is a type of sole proprietorship business in the form of a company that gives complete authority to the single person to run the business while limiting his liabilities and duties for the business. Benefits of one person company registration mostly business personnel prefer to register a private limited company because of its exclusive benefits but they are unaware that one person company registration can provide them better opportunities with very less compliance. Some amazing benefits of opc registration: ease in funding just like a private limited company, opc can also raise its fund through financial institutions, angel investors, venture capitals, etc. An opc can also graduate itself into a private limited company to raise its funds. Better opportunities opc has better opportunities and is benefitted with limited liability according to which the company would be limited to the values of the share you hold in it. One person company registration gives you more chances to take risks and explore better opportunities without any pressure of losing on personal assets. Hence, it is an encouraging option for the young, new and innovative entrepreneurs.

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Partnership Firm Registration

Opposite to the limited liability partnership and private limited company types, a general partnership consists of a minimum of two people who agrees to manage a business based on the terms and conditions set in a partnership deed. Package inclusion on call discussion about business model partnership deed drafting partnership deed registration partnership pan no stamping and notary of partnership deed

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Shop & Establishment License Registration

Get your shop & establishment license from corpbiz today! hurry for availing special discounts. Also, we provide step by step guide on matters after you get your license package inclusion check the data connect with the vendors license receipt annual tax returns business planning msme & gst registration

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Copyright Registration

With Copyright registration of your design, or art you get exclusive rights to reproduce or provide others the rights to use. Data verification Filing for Copyright Provide regular updates Application filing and drafting

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ngo registration

You got a zeal for helping the community? Why not start an NGO?! You just got to get your NGO Registered, and Congratulations!! You are good to go now. Service Selection Documents collection and submission NGO Registration PAN & TAN Template for Bank account opening Free call from CA regarding compliance requirements

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society registration

Society is an association of persons who came together to deliberate and act jointly on mutual consent to attain a common objective. Package Inclusion Get Expert Consultation Document and File preparation Drafting MOA and AOA Filling of documents with the authority Registrations Certificate

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