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Corn Flour

Corn Flour

Best for Soups & Gravies 
Gives you the wholesome goodness of pure flour made only from the choicest corn.
Smoothens & thickens soups, sauces and gravies. You can combine with flour for crispier, flakier, Kababs, Samosas, Patties, Paneer, Golden Fried Prawns, Fish & Chicken. It easily blends with milk to make a variety of delicious Indian Sweet dishes and Savouries. 
To make one cup (250ml) of Gravy or Soup, blend 1 heaped tablespoon (20g) CROWN Cornflour into a little cold water. Stir slowly to remove any lumps formed and add to dish. Remember for thickening, always add Cornflour to small quantity of liquid at room temperature and then add it to the hot dish and boil for a few minutes. You may also follow as directed in your recipe.

Product Name Packing Per Case
Corn Flour 100+30g Free Carton 

Corn Flour  500+100g Free Carton 16
Corn Flour  1kg PolyBag 5 x 3 Carton
Corn Flour 10kg Bag 1
Corn Flour 25kg Bag 1



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