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Demerara Sugar

Demerara Sugar

(Caramelized Brown Sugar)
Ideal for Cappuchino & Expresso. Best for Brown Cakes & Cookies
Adds a special flavoring and color to cakes, desserts etc. 
EXCELLENT FOR: Baked foods, Caramel Pudding, Confectionary, Breads / Pudding, Best for Brown, Cakes & Cookies, Organic style formulations, Health food applications, Sauces, Brings out rich flavour in coffee, tea and milk, Baked beans etc.
INGREDIENTS: Sugar, Caramel

Product Name Packing Per Case
Damerare Sugar 225g Carton

Damerara Sugar 500g Carton 42
Damerara Sugar 1kg PolyBag 5 x 3 Carton
Damerara Sugar 15kg Carton 1
Damerara Sugar 25kg Bag 1

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