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Salad Oil

Salad Oil

(Superfine Extra Virgin Oil)
Processed to make refined groundnut oil from the choicest groundnuts. Performs well at high temperatures, and lasts well. Does not easily absorb odour and is a preferred choice for frying. Good for Mayonnaise, Salad Dressings, Sauces, Baking and is a perfect cooking medium for some delicious recipes.
INGREDIENTS: Refined Groundnut oil, Contains Permitted Antioxidants, Free from Argemone Oil

Packing Details  
Product Name Packing Per Case
Salad Oil  200ml Pet Bottle 36
Salad Oil  500ml Pet Bottle 18
Salad Oil  1 Litre Pet Bottle 12
Salad Oil  5 Litre Pet Bottle 3
Salad Oi 15 Litre Pet Bottle 1

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