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Soft Board Suplier

Soft board for notice board and pin board available in 8 mm , 9mm, 10mm, 11 mm and up to 25 thick boards are available in 4'x8' and 4'x6' size
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Elastomeric Elastomeric Bridge Bearings

Approved by Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MORTH ) and RDSO Kanta Fiex Elastomeric Elastomeric Bridge Bearings are designed-and manufactured as per IRC: 83 (part II) - 1987 with its latest amendments, to meet the requirements of Mosrt &.H Specification for road & Bridge Works to Section No : 2000 T0 Clause NO : 2005 (Electrometric Bearing) : and to international Union of Railways Code No. U (C 772 R (Use of Rubber Bearings for Railways Bridges). It consists of one or more internal layers of elastomeric bonded to internal steel laminates shall be cast as single unit in a mould and vulcanised under heat & pressure, to cater for translation or rotation of the superstructure by elastic deformation. The raw elastomer used in Bearings are poly-Chloroprene. either of Brands: Neoprene WRT, Bayprene 110, skyprene B 5. &. Denka S-40V in order to have low crystallization rate and adequate shelf life. The content of the Poly Chloroprene in the Bearing is not less than 60% and the ash content shall be less than 5%. The Steel laminates used in the Bearings shall meet the specification of IS : 2062. Techinacal Data of Bearings

  • 10 KN is equivalent to I MT.
  • Design load of the bearing is equivalent to 10M Pa.
  • Shear modulus of the bearing shall be between 0.8 &. 1.2 M Pa.
  • Ultimate compressive strength of the bearing shall be more than 60 M Pa.
  • Dimension can also be designed as per requirement.


    MORTH approved & RDSO Appd Trusted Bearing
  • Economical Price & Delivery in Short Duration
  • In-Housing Test Facilities Inspection By External Agency

Physical Properties Of The Elastomer Used In Bearing

Characteristics Unit Values Testing std.
Hardness Shore A 60 to 65 IS : 3400 (Part II)
Tesile Strength, Minimum M Pa 17 IS : 3400 (Part I)
Elongation at break ; Minimum % 400 IS : 3400 (Part I)
Compression set, Maximum % 30 IS : 3400 (Part X)
Accelerated Ageing -- -- IS : 3400 (Part IV)
Change in Hardness Shore A + 15 --
Change in Tensile Strength % - 15 --
Change in Elongation % - 30 --
Adhesion Strength, Minimum Kn/m 7 IS : 3400 (Part XIV)
Resistance of Ozone -- No defect IS : 3400 (Part XX)
Design of the Elastomeric Bearing
  • The overall length divided by overall width shall be less than (or) equivalent to two
  • The overall thickness shall be five times lesser than (or) equivalent to overall width (Or)
  • The overall thickness shall be Greater than (or) equivalent to overall width divided by ten
  • If thickness of steel laminate is 3mm. Then thickness of elastomer layer shall be either 8 (or) 10 mm
  • If thickness of steel laminate is 4mm. Then thickness of elastomer layer shall be 12 mm
  • The thickness of the outer layer of elastomer (Top/Bottom) Shall be half the thickness of middle layer of elastomer, subject to maximum of 6mm for any size
  • The side cover shall be 6 mm for all bearings
  • Shape factor shall be greater than 6 and lesser than or equivalent to 12


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Strip Seal Expansion Joint System With Metal Structure

Strip Seal Expansion Joint System (Kanta Flex Single Strip Seal Expansion Joint) is based on the system that the Expansion Joint is built with the elastomer profiles between steel rails to absorb movements. This Joint Consist of Steel edge beams with web for holding the seal, anchorages and elastomeric seal. The working movement range of the strip seal will be + 80mm particular to the joint and + 40mm parallel to the joint. This type of Single Expansion Joint is recommended for moderate to large simply supported cantilever / Continuous construction having right, skew or curved deck with maximum horizontal movement upto 70mm. It is manufactured indigenously in accordance with the requirements of Ministry of Shipping Road Transport & Highways. Kantaflex compression seal expansion joint consist of armored nosing at two edges of the joint gap suitably anchored to the deck concrete and a performed chloroprene elastomer compressed and fixed into the joint gap with special adhesive blinder. The compression seal will cater for a horizontal movement upto 40mm and vertical movement of 3 mm. this type of seal is recommended for simply supported or continuous spans right or skew ( up to 30 degree ) Moderately curved with maximum horizontal movement not exceeding 40mm. Download


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LDPE Sheets

We are capable of catering to the customers situated anywhere and we are located in Maharashtra(India). The offered lot is in complete compliance with the industry standards thus, high in demand.
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Pvc Water Stop

Pvc Water Stop is a profile, based on specifically formulated plasticized PVC composition. Pvc Water Stop are used in concrete masonry construction of hydraulic structure to safeguard from hydrostatic pressure & water seepage. PVC Water Stop also withstands expansion or construction of joints and takes care of any deflection or displacement arising due to change in temperature or settlement of foundation eliminating danger of cracks. PVC Water Stop is engineered as watertight seals in poured concrete structures. PVC Water Stop is tested in factory as per ASTM & manufactured to meet the performance requirements of IS 15058/2002. Packing : It is supplied in the coil form in bundles of 25 meter to 50 meters depending on the size. Applications :

  • Public Utilities : Bridges Road Embankments, Concrete Roads, Tunnels, Water Tanks, Swimming Pools, Municipal Hydraulic Projects, Water Filtration Plants, Sewage Plant, Clarifiers, Sewage Disposal Systems, Neutralization Tanks.
  • Industries : Fertilizer, Steel Effluent Treatment Plants, Thermal Power Stations, Atomic Reactors, Shipyards & Docks, Cooling Towers

Agriculture : Dam, Canals, Aqueducts, Large Reservoirs, Irrigation Projects Installation :

  • One-half of the water stop is embedded in the concrete leaving the second half extended.
  • Than second-half is also embedded leaving the centre bulb free for expansion & contraction.
  • Care should be taken in pouring concrete without misaligning the water stop.
  • It can be fused by heater plate at the joint by melting with care.


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Electrical Insulation Mats

We bring forward Electrical Insulation Mats for our valued clients. Electrical Insulation Mats are made of premium quality material, which ensures protection from electric shocks. We offer Electrical Insulation Mats in different specifications. These Electrical Insulation Mats are prominently used in power plants and voltage rooms. Further, our clients can avail Electrical Insulation Mats at economical price. IS Code : 15652 - 2006.

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Floor Protection Sheets

DURAfloorprotector Floor Protection Sheets is new generation, cost effective product for floor protection. It is a closed cell, Polymer based microcellular foam, Reinforced with high performance polymers. DURAfloorprotector is an economical alternative to conventional products like paper, POP, cloth etc. The product provides cushioned universal floor protection for wood, ceramic and vinyl floors during construction. It is a common knowledge that elastomeric products are an excellent cushion provider. �DURAfloorprotector� is composed of thousand of cells trapped in the foam, with the reinforcement of high performance polymer which helps to resist all types of pressure imparted. High performance foam also acts as sound barrier and is a good sound absorbent material. Features & Benefits

  • Anti â�� Slip properties provide a safe work environment
  • Hassle â�� free compared to POP, rosin paper, plastic runners or drop cloths
  • Does not absorbs paint, oil, grease and cleaning agents
  • Flexible â�� can be cut to fit in any space and works well on either side- vacuum or sweep clean and reusable
  • Polymers based and flexible yet though
  • Environment friendly
  • Dose not promote growth of bacteria & fungi
  • Inert â�� No effect of chemicals


  • Keep job site floors safe from damage and debris DURAfloorprotector is reusable, reversible surface protection for the professional builder and craftsman
  • Protects concrete, marble granite and other counter surfaces
  • Provides cushioned universal floor protection for wood, ceramic, and vinyl floors during construction
  • Protects hardwood, ceramic tile, linoleum and carpet floors from damage during construction or remodeling
  • Protects sinks and tubs during building or remodeling
  • Protects walkways and decks during home repairs.

Laying Procedure

  • Surface to be protected should be cleared of any dust and grease
  • Sheets should be laid one by one with butt joint
  • Butt joints should be sealed with 50mm BOPP tape
  • Apply 50 mm BOPP tape where ever the DURAfloorprotector laying is terminated at the edges of floor and stairs.

Technical Specifications

Property Units Durafloorprotecter/ Typical Value
Density Kg/m3 90+15%
Water absorption Kg/cm2of cut surface area 0.080 max
Compression deflection Kg/cm2 94%
Alkali resistance - No effect
Weathering test - No disintegration
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Plastic Dowel Bar Sleeve

2.25 /Piece Get Latest Price
  • Min. Order (MOQ) 10000 Piece(s)

We are manufacturing Virgin Quality Dowel Bar Sleeves in the Sizes 25 mm X 300 mm, 32 mm X 300 mm, 36 mm X 330 mm, 36 mm X 300 mm, 38 mm X 300 mm and 40 mm X 300 mm ( All sizes will be 2 mm extra in Inner Diameter )

Additional Information:

Packaging Details : 2000 Nos Bag

Delivery Time : Ready Stock

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Copper Sheets For Expansion Joints

Copper/Metal Water Stop Seal is used for heavy structures, where joints are to be extra-ordinarily protected. Due to its ductile nature copper is the most suited material for this purpose. Various shapes of copper may be used to serve the application is most common. Shape either in the thickness of 1.5 mm or 1.8 mm. or as per required Gauges. The integrity of the water stop system depends on proper fabricated water stop splices to achieve a complete fluid tight system.  Installation : Proper Water Splices, including butting straight lengths, changes of direction, and intersections are very important. Copper water stop should be continuous for the extension of the joint. Position of water stop so the V or Z expansion zone is catered in the joint. Support & secure the water the water stop in the position to limit displacement during the placement of the concrete.

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Ldpe Film

LDPE Film contains polyethylene's density from about 0.915 to 0.925. LDPE Film is used for packaging applications that require excellent clarity. LDPE Film is also used for food packaging. LDPE Film comes with several physical properties such as high-strength, puncture resistance and clarity. We offer colored and plain LDPE Film in different lengths and breadths. Our valued clients can avail LDPE Film at economical price. Material & Construction The film is made out of only polyethylene resin with the density between 0.913 to 0.923 g/ml 27 deg C. The melt flow index shall be between 0.10- to 15.0-g/10 min. The film is classifiled according to the optical properties, impact strength and slip having designated by three by three digit numerals. The film shall be uniform in color, texture and finish. It is free from any objectionable odour and is packed in the form of rolls. The width of the film is above 18 and in long length, in order to minimize the number of joints.


Physical Properties Values
Appearance No visula defects to be noticed
Thickness tolerance + / - 20
Odour Free
Density at 27 deg. C 0.913 0.923 gm / cc
Melt flow index >0.1 m / 10 minute
Carbon black content 2.5 + / 0.5 %
Carbon Black Dispersion Satisfactory
Tensile strength at break Minimum, M.D. 140 kg / cm2
Minimum , T.D. 110 kg / Cm2
Elongation at break Minimum M.D. 200 %
High impact resistant load calculated --
On avearge thickness load 275 gm 255 gm / F 50 gf
On avearge thickness load 275 gm 255 gm / F 50 gf
Melting range 0.10 to 15.0 grams / 10 minutes
The L.D.P.E. Film is used in various applications like
  • Effiuent treatment plant
  • Lagoons
  • Warehouses and Trenches
  • Sludge Storage pit and tunnels
  • Concrete Roads & Bridges
  • Reservoirs and canals
  • Bio gas and Gypsum storage sump
  • Water proofing for terraces, gardesns, aprons and runways in airports

The L.D.P.E films acts a barrier between the soil and the stored material and plays a major role in any kind of construction where the stored material should have a direct touch with the soil and hence forth helps in many kinds of civil structures

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