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Sugar Cane Crushers

Sugar Cane Crushers

Dev Exports has been recognized as the leading company, exporting high-tech Sugar Cane Crushers to various parts of the world. We are presenting Hydraulic Sugar Cane Crushers which is accompanied with innovative sealed oil bath lubrication system for gear box that provide safety and ensures least maintenance. Being one of the dependable Sugar Cane Crushers Machine Exporters we provide only robust sugar cane crushers machines which are made of special steel. Our Sugar Cane Crushers is a technologically sound product, comprising unique built-in gear box.


  • Innovative Sealed oil bath lubrication system for gearbox, which provides safety and requires less maintenance.
  • Extra large Master Gear of gearbox for easy and smooth operation, which avoids motor or engine loading.
  • The unique coupling of gearbox safeguards parts and provides personal safety, In case of extra load the coupling breaks to guard parts.
  • Same stud and brass are used thought out the crusher, so less spares required.
  • No need of concrete foundation. It can be placed on a plain surface. It can be moved easily and place can be changed.
  • All parts are made of special steel.
  • Novel scrapper system keeps crusher clean and provides clean juice.
  • Our sugarcane crusher extracts maximum juice and provides maximum safety.
  • This efficient design of crusher is evolved after years of research and development.
  • Models are available for various crushing capacities.
  • Capacity 2 ton â�� 150 ton Per Day.*

Our Sugar Cane Crushers its grand success in Gujarat Last so many year, now it became most popular crusher in all regions of Maharashtra, katakana, Chandigarh, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Tamilnadu & Uttar Pradesh.

  • Warranty : 1 Year
  • Weight : 100-500 Kg
  • Certification : CE Certified
  • Voltage : 220V/380V
  • Type : Automatic
  • After-sales Service Provided : Spare Parts

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Image Details
Sugar Cane Crusher (10.5+12
  • Sugar Cane Crusher (10.5+12")

Sugar Cane Crusher (12+14
  • Sugar Cane Crusher (12+14")

Sugar Cane Crusher (10.5+12)
  • Sugar Cane Crusher (10.5+12)

Sugar Cane Crusher (12+14)
  • Sugar Cane Crusher (12+14)

Sugar Cane Crusher 01
  • Sugar Cane Crusher 01

    The signature machinery that offers a host of equipment for the sugarcane industry and other related agro production related industries. We look forward to providing more low-cost, high-performing equipment in the near future as well. We are open to customer queries for customized machinery as well as innovative equipment.

Sugar Cane Crusher 02
  • Sugar Cane Crusher 02

    Sugar Cane Crushers we Provide ensure higher sugarcane juice extraction from standard-sized sugar canes, thereby optimizing productivity of each sugarcane crop. This range of Sugar Cane Crushers we provide are known for their ease of use as well as easy to maintain features. The crusher is designed following rigorous research and development on the process and physics of sugar cane crushing and is indigenous in design and structure.This range of Sugar Cane Crushers is highly appreciated for their high performance, sturdy-build, easy to install features and low costs.

Sugar Cane Crusher 03
  • Sugar Cane Crusher 03

    The highest quality of Sugar Cane Crushers presently available in the industry. We are exporters and traders of this range and raw materials and components sourced from the best in the industry. We follow optimized production processes as well as international quality standards to ensure every crusher we Provide exudes quality workmanship and precision engineering. Besides, this range is available at very competitive prices as well!.

Sugar Cane Crusher 04
  • Sugar Cane Crusher 04

    Sugar Cane Crushers is a specialized cane crushing equipment we provides quality, integrated services arrange for the whole range of processes. This crusher is known for its precision engineering, production capacity as well as greater efficiency it brings to production purposes. This range is highly popular for its rugged structure and low-maintenance costs.


Model Name of Model Roller Length Capacity Per Day Crusher Coupling Motor Engine
Inch MMTon KgPully RPM RPMH.P. H.P.
Om Kailash – 01Open type 6 ½"165mm 10500-600250058
Om Kailash – 02Open type 8 ½"216mm18750-100025001010
Om Kailash 01Heavy 5 ½" 140mm2100-20001.5S*3 H.P.
Om Kailash 01Heavy 6 ½"165mm3150-25002S*3 H.P.
Om Kailash – 01Light 6 ½" 165mm15450-6501807 – 8510 H.P.
Om Kailash 01Heavy 6 ½" 165mm 17500-7001807 – 8510 H.P.
Om Kailash – 01.5 Light 7 ½" 190 mm16500-6751807 – 8610 H.P.
Om kailash – 01.5Regular 7 ½"190 mm 17500-7001807 – 8610 H.P.
Om Kailash – 02Regular 8 ½" 216mm 20700-9001807 – 87.512 H.P.
Om Kailash – 02Total Heavy 8 ½"216mm 25850-10501807 – 81015 H.P.
Om Kailash – 03Light 9 ½" 242mm 20800 – 10001807 – 81015 H.P.
Om Kailash – 03Deluxe No. 3 Heavy 9 ½"242mm 301200-13502107 – 81216 H.P.
Om Kailash – 04Light (King size)10 ½" 267mm 251000-12001807 – 81016 H.P.
Om Kailash – 04Super Deluxe Heavy 10 ½"267 mm 351400-16002407 – 81518 H.P.
Om Kailash – 04Double Super Deluxe – Double Mill 10 ½" 267 mm 501900-21002407 – 840-
Om Kailash – 04Double super deluxe – Double Mill with cane Carrier 10 ½" 267mm 552200-24002407 – 840-
Om Kailash – 04Jumbo 12" Heavy – King size 12"305 mm 401500-17002407 – 81620 H.P.
Om Kailash – 05Jumbo – Heavy 12"305 mm 451750-19502407 – 835-
Om Kailash – 05Jumbo – Double Mill 12"305 mm 501800-20002407 – 860-
Om Kailash – 05Jumbo – Double Mill with cane Carrier 12"305 mm 702700-29002407 – 860-
Om Kailash – 05Jumbo – Double Mill with cane carrier & cutter 12"305 mm 803200-34002407 – 860 + + +-
Om Kailash – 06Super Jumbo – Heavy 14"356 mm 502000-22002407 – 835-
Om Kailash – 06Super Jumbo – Double Mill 14"356 mm 602350-25502407 – 860-
Om Kailash – 06Super Jumbo – Double Mill with cane carrier 14"356 mm 903600-38002407 – 860-
Om Kailash – 06Super Jumbo – Double Mill with cane Carrier & cutter 14"356 mm 1003800-40002407 – 860+++-

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