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Our Complete range of products are Portable Autorefractometer, Phacoemulsification Advance Surgery, sinuscope, Ocular Response Analyser and Hand Held Pacymeter.

Portable Autorefractometer

The plusoptiX A09 is a binocular handheld autorefractometer named "Emily". 1) Application In a matter of seconds, the plusoptiX A09 simultaneously measures the refraction of both eyes (binocular) at one meter distance from the child. The measured values correspond to the results of a retinoscopy in un-dilated pupils. The measurement can also be executed in cycloplegia. However, it is to be noted that the pupils do not become larger than 8 mm in diameter. One diopter must be extracted from the measured refraction values. This correction is required because the plusoptiX A09 is designed for measurements in miosis. One diopter for accommodation at one meter distance is to be considered in the measurement result. 2) Advantages The measurement at one meter distance is reliable and delegable. Even children with nystagmus and uncooperative patients can be measured in less than one second with the plusoptiX A09. It is possible to measure refraction over already existing glasses or contact lenses. If a retinoscopy in cycloplegia is necessary, it proceeds quickly due to the existing measurement values, especially from cylinder and axis, and you have a comparison value. The plusoptiX A09 considerably simplifies the initial examination of babies and toddlers in your practice. 3) Measurement results Refraction (sphere, cylinder and axis) Symmetry of corneal reflexes Pupil diameter and pupil distance

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Phacoemulsification Advance Surgery

The objective of modern technology should be to adapt to human needs and fulfil individual requirements. The new Megatron S4 system brings this philosophy to life with its intelligent technology concept and numerous innovative features. The Megatron S4 ensures maximum flexibility enabling surgeons to exercise their perfect surgical virtuosity in a very personal way.

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  • Diameter 2.7 mm
  • Working length 187 mm
  • Working length: 187 mm

The fibre-optic of the sinuscopes enables at small dimensions a high contrast as well as high resoluted images for a perfect and patient-friendly diagnosis.

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Ocular Response Analyser

The ocular response analyzer (ora) is the only instrument in the world capable of measuring corneal hysteresis (ch); an indication of the biomechanical properties of the cornea. This information is different from thickness or topography, which are geometrical attributes of the cornea. Ch represents a tissue property, which provides more comprehensive information about ocular biomechanics. There are over 225 publications about ora in the peer-reviewed literature. The ch measurement provides independent information that aids in the diagnosis and management of glaucoma. In cornea and refractive surgery, the ocular response analyzer enables physicians to better identify eyes at risk of keratoconus. Finally, corneal biomechanics are what really influence the accuracy of tonometers. Ora's ability to measure biomechanical properties of the cornea enables the device to provide corneal compensated iop, called iopcc, which has been proven to be less influenced by corneal properties than goldmann or other methods of tonometry.

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Hand Held Pacymeter

  • Measurement Range 200 - 1000 microns
  • Accuracy +/- 5 microns
  • Resolution 1 micron

The Reichert iPac Pachymeter is the most advancedhandheld pachymeter available. This easy-to-use, lightweight, hand held instrument includes all of the features that you have been searching for in other hand held pachymeters, but have been disappointed with your options. The iPac will impress you with features you have only dreamed about... Bluetooth wireless connectivity, one-button navigation, rotating color LCD screen and rechargeable lithium ion battery. Only the iPac Pachymeter provides the most accurate CCT measurements by identifying a greater variety of patient statistics during the measurement process. Advanced Signal Processing converts patient data into custom algorithms that yield only the most accurate measurement. The intuitive user interface, accessed through a single 5-way button, makes setup easy. You can customize the color display to show IOP correction, standard deviation and LR or ODOS notation in seconds. With your pre-programmed user settings, exams become more efficient for you and more comfortable for your patients.

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Flexible Naso-Pharyngoscope

Flexible precision-endoscope with high performance optic. Engineered for highest standards and daily requirements. A long life period is guaranteed by the high resoluted bundle-light, combined with mechanical components of high precision and a sturdy construction.

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Phacoemulsification Basic

The optimum mics settings of the advanced megatronâ® s3 system with cool flash mode technology have now been transferred to the new megatronâ® iiipv as well. Megatronâ® iiipv phaco technology signifi cantly reduces the ultrasonic power emitted: on average, when compared to the traditional pulse mode, the ultrasonic time is reduced by 50%! by means of micro-incisions, the fi ne modulated and effective microbursts allow for the the emulsification without burning of even the hardest nuclei. The tight incisions reduce the occurrence of turbulences and chatters.

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head lights

ri-focus® LED provides ideal illumination of the examination area with a 40 cm distant, focusable, white and cold light with 5500 Kelvin and 7100 lux. The LED lamp employed has a life of approx. 15, 000 hours and can be supplied with power using standard commercial AAA batteries, long-life lithium batteries or NiMH rechargeable batteries plus plug-in charger, so that no annoying power cord need be used during the examination. Headband version, with built-in battery compartment and integral charge jack, can be optionally fitted with 2 lithium batteries size CR 123 A, 4 batteries size AAA (alkaline) or 4 rechargeable batteries size AAA (NiMH). Headband cleaning made easy by inner, removable and washable padding. Particularly comfortable with balanced, infinitely adjustable headband. Onoff switch on battery compartment. Charge jack for plug-in charger integrated in battery compartment. Focusable LED lamp at a distance of 40 cm approx. Ø 40 mm - Ø 200 mm, infinitely adjustable. White LED, 1 Watt with 5.500° Kelvin, 6 V. Battery operation: approx. 30 hrs. with lithium batteries, approx. 90 min. with alkaline batteries Type AAA. Rechargeable battery operation: approx. 90 min. with fully charged battery. Weight: 210 g without batteries, 242 g with CR 123 A lithium batteries, 259 g with rechargeable AAA batteries.

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Tono-pen aviaâ® applanation tonometer the award winning reichert tono-pen avia tonometer is an easy-to-use, hand-held instrument that providesiop readings that correlate strongly with goldmann tonometry. Tono-pen avia has a lightweight, ergonomic 'design and advanced electronic measurement technology that enables operators to take fast and accurate iop measurements wi â® battery pack, good for over 2, 500 measurements. Tono-pen avia, like the tono-pen xl, uses sanitized ocu-filmâ® tip covers to minimize the risk of patient cross contamination. No calibration the tono-pen avia does not require daily calibration. Accurate and easy to use the tono-pen avia is designed to help eliminate operator error and functions in any position, making it ideal to use on all your patients, including those in beds or wheelchairs. Activated by the push of a button, the iop measurement is displayed on two large, easy-to-read, lcd screens. Patients will appreciate the quick and gentle measurement process. intelligent the tono-pen avia utilizes micro strain gauge technology and a 1.0mm transducer tip. The device displays the average of 10 independent readings along with a statistical confidence indicator, ensuring accurate, repeatable, and reliable tonometry results.

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Visual Field Analyzer

Visual field analyser - pts 1000 automated perimeter pts 1000 is a modern diagnostic instrument for precise and fast testing of field of vision. It offers static and kinetic stimuli with all goldman stimuli sizes and all stimuli colors used in perimetry. wide range of strategies and analysis tools combined with intuitive interface gives you powerful diagnostic tool which handling you will enjoy. built in maps and possibility of creating own one gives possibility to examine only these areas, which are necessary. With pts1000 examination doesn�t have to be tiring anymore. Features standard vision tests - depending on chosen test strategy, it enables to define the sensitivity threshold of retina in a given area, as well as to make a fast screening test. Accurate threshold, intelligent fast threshold, screening and quick 3-zone can be selected according to needs and patient�s condition. Time saving - fast threshold strategy which utilizes special algorithm allows quicker examination without loss in accuracy. Additional �reduced field� and �neurological field reduction� further shorten examination time. Flickering test - the device also enables examination by means of flickering stimuli for cff (critical fusion frequency) measurement. Cff is used as an index of fatigue and it is clinically applied to neuro-ophthalmologic disorders derived from optic nerve disorder especially, diagnosis and evaluation of glaucoma. kinetic tests - thanks to kinetic strategy it is possible to examine hardly cooperating patients with big defects for which static examination is difficult to perform. 4 stimuli colours, 5 goldmann sizes, adjustable stimuli velocity, silent operation, built in programs together with option of retesting arbitrary vectors defined by user makes pts1000 a top product for kinetic perimetry.

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Operating Microscope Step

Fusing image facility With use of the converging optics with visual axis slanted by 6 degrees inward, the fusing image has been made feasible for a doctor claimed for diplopia so far and even for a beginner for microscope. It has become suitable eye positioning for operation. High resolution and three magnification changes The drum type magnification changing system enables a high resolution for total magnifications of 4.6x, 7.7x and 12.3x and furthermore the dial type P.D. adjustment mechanism, that is firstly available on this grade of microscope, a reasonable operating circumstances are permissible. Motor driven focusing mechanism By aid of foot switch operation, a maximum of 30mm focusing adjustable by motor driven focusing mechanism so it can be made just focus to the portion desirable to see. The original balance arm mechanism Taking advantage of the original balance arm mechanism extending up to the maximum stroke of 400mm, the operation microscope can be moved the most suitable position with Zoom and movable fixture smoothly and coordinating by manual operation to any optional establishment and quickly adjustable for arm balancing adjustment.

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Operating Microscope Zoom

In the Operating Microscope, OM-8, a new system is introduced where the customer chooses suitable component units according to their needs when ordering their microscope.

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Operating Microscope Posterior Segment

Operating Microscope OM-18 Compact Microscope The suspension arm has been moved to the side of the microscope, opening up the operating surgeon’s front field of view. The light source is placed away from the microscope section. Cold light coaxial illumination via fiber light guide is used. The fiber light-guide illumination system is particularly low in heat transmission, and reduces the projection of the filament image as hot spots, achieving excellence in safety. By separating the light source from the microscope section, we have not only successfully removed the affect of the heat generated by the light source, but also achieved a compact body The motorized zoom magnification changer used in the OM-18 Operating Microscope, with its diverse magnification ranging from 4.6x to 27.4x, guarantees a strain-free operating environment The newly designed illumination optics provides the φ55mm illumination field with consistent brightness throughout, from low magnification to high magnification The newly designed tilting mechanism allows for smooth angle adjustment. It is effective in adjusting the irradiation angle of the illumination by changing the angle of the microscope towards the operated eye.

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DGH-550 Pachette 2

The DGH-550 PACHETTE 2 is designed for Glaucoma & LASIK Screening. Now CE Approved. Standard Features Simple to use. Turn on power and the Pachette 2 is ready to take measurements. Automatic measurement mode for operation without a foot switch. Obtains multiple measurements very rapidly at a single location. Simultaneously displays the current measurement and the average of all measurements taken. A single applanation automatically stores up to 50 measurements. Large 16 x 2 LCD character display allows easy visibility from a distance over a large viewing angle and in all lighting conditions.

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pluse oximeter

  • Measurement range SpO2 0..100% SpO2,
  • Display range: 0..99% SpO2

ri-vital® spot check monitor, engineered for the mobile, precise and fast recording of vital signs data at clinics, hospitals and outpatient treatments. Ergonomical design and highly developed technology r esulting in reliable measurement results and time efficiency.

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Fusing image facility

With use of the converging optics with visual axis slanted by 6 degrees inward, the fusing image has been made feasible for a doctor claimed for diplopia so far and even for a beginner for microscope. It has become suitable eye positioning for operation.

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Cold light coaxial illumination

Cold light coaxial illumination with a high intensity 150W halogen lamp and light guide is adopted. Not only the coaxial illumination on the main, even the slit illumination to establish the optional illumination is adjustable steplessy upto its most suitable brightness. Cobalt blue and green (red-free) filters are built-in.

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