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High Exhaust Reactive Dyes

High Exhaust Reactive Dyes

These dyes are suitable for dyeing cotton & other Celliulosic material. These dyes posses significantly higher exhaustion & fixation efficiency which results in apprecisble cost reduction in comparison to other conventional reactive dyes, The high fixation and good buildup are of particular importance when dyeing polyster/cellulosic blends where liquor to material ratio is quite high. Due to higher fixation of Reactive HE dyes, the drained and wash liquors after dyeing contain much less quantity of unfixed dyes in comparison to conventional reactive dyes. This facilities quicker wash off and efficient soaping. The improved Stabifity of HE dyes gives improved batch to batch consistency.

  • Form : Powder
  • Brand Name : DDI
  • Color : Available in Many Colors
  • Purity : 95-98 %
  • Type : Reactive Dye
  • Use In : Textile & Paper Industries


Set dye bath at 50°C and add predissolved dyestuff, enter the material and run for 15 minuites. now add haif of the predissolved glauber’s salt and continue dyeing raise the temp to 80-45°C in the mean while add rernaining amountof predissolved giaub’ers salt and continue dyeing till temp 60-85°C is reached. Continue dyeng for further 15 minutes after getting temp. 80-85°C. nawadd soda ash solution and, Continue dyeing for-30-60 min. maintaining temp 80-85°C and wash the material,

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Depth of Shade % Salt (gms/ lit.) Soda Ash (gms/lit.)
Up to 0.5 30 10
0.5-1.0 45 15
1.0-2.0 60 15
2.0-4.0 70 20
Above 4.0 90 20


This Process for ‘HE' dyes is same as for Reactive "H’ Dyes.

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