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Wax Remover

Wax Remover

Dubond’s Wax Remover is an alkaline stripper especially fit for the removal of old layers of natural and synthetic waxes. Wax Remover quickly removes the wax and it is ideal for the washing and the dressing of floor surfaces before the application of new emulsions, sealers or waxes. The concentrated nature of the product allows easy dissolving of old layers of polish, wax residues, dirt, oils and grease with the minimum of effort. Old tiled floors are easily renovated and brought back to their natural beauty with the three-step system of removal, impregnating and polishing. For large areas a suitable cleaning machine may be used. Green Building Rating-Mineral > 30%, Low Emission, Solvent < 5 g/kg, Low Ecological Impact,Health Care,Water Based Areas of Application-All types of old floorings of tiles Old polished floorings natural  stone,marbel,granite,ceramictiles,wooden floorings Old waxed floorings of stone,marbel,granite,ceramictiles,wooden floorings

Features & Benefits
Alkaline stripper especially fits for the removal of old layers of natural and synthetic waxes Dissolvesold layers of polish,wax residues,dirt,oilsand grease with the minimum of effort Work sin three-step system of removal of old wax&polish,impregnates and polishes the existing surface to be renovated and brought back to its natural beauty.

Method of Application

  • Dilute WaxRemover 1:10 with warmwater for general cleaning.Dilute 1:4 for particularly heavily soiled areas.When using as crubbing machine,dilute1:50or1:100 depending up on the level of cleaning required.
  • Apply the diluted solution to the floor area and leave to work for approximately 5-10minutes depending onseverity.
  • When using on porous surfaces such as terracot tatiles,bricketc.dampen with water prior to application to avoid cleaner being absorbed in to the surface.
  • Scrub the floor using a stiff brush or an abrasive pad to emulsify dirt.
  • Mop up excess liquid.
  • Thoroughly rinse the floor 2-3 times with clean water to remove all traces of cleaner.Any residues may leave surfaces slippery and could also have an effect on subsequent treatments,i.e.polishesetc.

Precautions & limitations

  • Wax remover is an alkaline product.
  • Do not use the pure producton polished marble sandstones.
  • For the first rinse of these materials,
  • Do not use tile cleaner nor cement cleaner,rinse in stead two times(atleast)with clean water.

Shelf Life & Storage-12-24 months in original sealed packing kept in cool and dry place. Store in a dry place in the original container. Fortuitous leakage and waste disposal method-n case material is released or spilled,clean up most of the product.store the residue in plastic tanks neutralize with a solution of hydrochloric acid adjusting the ph to 6-7 then send to water conditioner or call for a specialized company personel.

  • PH : (5% Solution) : 11–12
  • Flashing point : Not Flammable
  • Biodegradability : 90%
  • Appearance : Limpid Liquid
  • Spec. Gravity : (20°C): 1,070 Gr. ⁄Cc
  • Odor : Fresh
  • Colour : Transparent
  • Coverage : : 1 liter of Wax Remover cleans about 10 – 20 M2 of the surface.It shall depend upon the nature of the

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