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Duex Industrial Systems

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Compressed Air Dryer

Compressed Air Dryer

We are offering compressed air dryer.compressed air dryer is one of the major products of the company. Our compressed air dryer is equipped with the new compressor. This compressed air dryer is also equipped with inbuilt compressor protection facility to have durability in the long run. We offer it at the market leading rates. Compressed air dryer employs the advanced coil-in-coil technology, where in you have one tube inside another tube. This arrangement enables transfer of heat between the refrigerant and the compressed air. For refrigerated air dryers, the temperature differential between the air and the refrigerant causes absorption of heat energy from the air; hence, reducing the temperature of the compressed air. This causes the moisture to condense.

featuresnew compressorinbuilt compressor protectionoverload protectionpolished enclosureadvantageeconomicalhigh performancebalances temperature balances moistureproduct detailsemerson-copeland / hitachi (optional) compressornew compressor (most of the competitors use r type (repaired) cheaper ones for cost reduction)reciprocating / rotary (optional) technologyall metal (crca powder coated / ss 304) enclosureinbuilt compressor protection for long lifeinbuilt mcb overload protectionbi-color powder coated / ss 304 buffed and polished (optional) enclosureapproved by cipla, dr reddy’s, aurobindo, dabur, godrej, raymond, iitspecialtyduex refrigerated dryers provide a constant pressure dew point +2 – 5 °c.employs the developed coil-in-coil technology (one tube inside another tube)moisture separator in order to remove the condensed moisturefor every 20°f drop in temperature of the compressed air the moisture holding capacity of the air reduces by 50%.


Operating conditionsIdealMaximum
Inlet temperature45oC60oC
80oC (with pre-cooling)
Ambient Temperature40oC50oC
Inlet pressure7 bar g16 bar g
Pressure Dew point3oC-23 deg C atm dew point
FilterMake: CatchAll--
Expansion valveMake: Danfoss--
Temp indicatorMake: Sub-zero--
HPMake: Danfoss--
LPMake: Danfoss--
CompressorMake: Kirloskar--
GasR 12--

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