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Greenhouse Accessories

Our product range comtains a wide range of and Greenhouse Film

Greenhouse Film

Greenhouse is framed structures covered with UV stabilized plastic films in which crops are grown under partially or controlled environment conditions. The Greenhouse Technology is an appropriate intervention for crop production, particularly in hostile climatic conditions. It has the potential to give manifold production of quality produce round the year from small land holdings compared to the open field cultivation. A greenhouse works on the principle that crop production is influenced not only by heredity but also by the micro-climate around the plant. The components of climate are – light, temperature, relative humidity, air composition and nature of root medium. Under a greenhouse, these factors can be well controlled so that the plant gets best environment for production. However, the concept holds good only, if the design of the greenhouse is suitable as per the climatic conditions.The design and construction of a greenhouse is a specialized activity, which is undertaken by professional organization. Any faulty design can kill the crop in no time; hence same is of greater importance. Greenhouse technology is an agro system that presents important productive advantages in comparison to open air cultivation.Greenhouse protects crops from extreme climatic factors temperature, high winds, heavy rains, storms, insects & diseases. It maximized the productivity per unit area with genetic potentiality of the crop being fully exploited. Off-season vegetables can be grown, which fetch high prices in the market. Greenhouse has been used in raising healthy nurseries & quality plantingmaterials. Advantages Provides favorable micro climatic conditions for the plants. Cultivation in all seasons is possible. Higher yield with better quality per unit area. Conserves moisture thus needs less irrigation. More suitable for cultivating high value/ off – season crops. Helps to control pest and diseases. Helps in hardening of tissue cultured plants. Helps in raising early nurseries. Round the year propagation of planting material is possible. Protects the crops from wind, rain, snow, bird, hail etc. Generates self- employment opportunities for educated youth

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