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We offer the best product range of Analytical Laboratory Services, Environmental Pollution Monitoring & Analysis, Environmental Audit Reports, Pollution Prevention Services and environmental pollution analysis services.

Analytical Laboratory Services

Ecotech Services Inc. is specialized in offering Analytical Laboratory Services . We have advanced Analytical Laboratory for performance different types of Analytical Testing.   Analytical Laboratory Division The Analytical Laboratory Division of Ecotech Services INC.. Faridabad -121004, is accredited from NABL (Deptt. of Science & Technology, Govt. of India). Accreditation Certificate Number s T-3478 for Chemical Testing. Environmental Lab Testing Services The Environmental Testing is a process that is performed to characterize and monitor the quality of Environmental Parameters Ecotech Laboratory has been providing the quality analytical services since 2008.  We offer a wide array of Analytical Laboratory Services to support environmental investigations focused on Environmental Chemistry, Fuel and Chemical Testing.   Water and Wastewater Quality Monitoring and Analysis Ground Water Quality as per IS: 10500 : 2012 Surface Water Quality as IS: 3025 Process Effluent Quality as per IS: 3025 and CPCB â�� EPA Act-1986. Drinking Water / Mineral Water Quality as per BIS Specification. Construction Water as per IS: 456 :2000 DM Water / Cooling Water and Boiler Feed Water. Water Audit as per guideline of SPCB/CPCB and EMS. Disinfection of Drinking water as per IS: 10500 : 2012 AMBIENT Air / INDOOR AIR AND STACK Emission Monitoring and Testing. Ambient Air Quality Monitoring as per IS: 5182 & NAAQMS-2009. Stack Emission for Boiler, D.G. Sets, Furnace and Paint Booth Stack Emission as per Guideline of CPCB / EPA-1986 and IS: 11255. Indoor Air Quality Monitoring as per Factory Act -1948 and Amendments , ISO: 14001 | OHSAS : 18001 Total  Dust Level Concentration Personal Exposure. Work Place Air Monitoring. Shop Floor Environmental Monitoring. IIIuminance Light Level Measurements. (LUX Monitoring). Noise  Level Monitoring ( dB (A) and Leq â�� Values) Meteorological Data Wind Speed Wind Direction Temperature Relative Humidity Cloud cover Hazardous waste (SLUDGE ) and soil TESTING. Soil Testing (Physical and Chemical) as per IS: 2720 & SMCA. Toxic Metals Organic and Inorganic Matter. Other relative test parameters. Fuel and Chemical Testing Diesel Fuel Oil (HSD/LSD) Furnace Oil Lubrication Oil, Bitumen / Coal / Pet-Coke Soda Ash (Na2 Co3) / Salt (NaCl) and Lime Acetic Acid / Acid ( H2 So4 and HCL) Bleaching Powder

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Environmental Pollution Monitoring & Analysis

We undertake Environmental Pollution Monitoring & Analysis for diverse companies across India. Maintaining a focus on providing accuracy and reliability, we have managed to successfully serve a diverse set of clients in India. Environmental Pollution Monitoring & Analysis is undertaken by a diligent team of professionals who possess the necessary know-how in different areas concerning the environment. Scope Of Environmental Pollution Monitoring & Analysis Sampling and analyzing ambient air quality as per new Notification, Monitoring and Testing of Soil & Stack Emission, Water and Waste water Quality, Noise and LUX Monitoring Base line Environmental data monitoring Monitoring and Certifications for Industrial Pollution Industrial Environmental Monitoring and Analysis Services related to ISO : 14000 (EMS), OSHA : 18000 Diverse monitoring required as per EPA-1986 and Factories act-1948 Industrial hygiene and health monitoring such as Work place noise monitoring Heat stress assessment Personnel dust sampling Work place dust and gases monitoring Illumination survey etc. Environmental Base line data collection D.G. set Noise and Stack Emission Monitoring Soil and ground water contamination monitoring, Solid waste studies and management & Toxic substance Studies Boiler / Furnace and D.G. Sets Stack Emission monitoring such as Particulates matter : SO 2 , NOx, Co, Co 2 Stack Velocity Temperature emission rate Efficiency monitoring etc.

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Environmental Audit Reports

Environmental Audit Reports are prepared by us for pollution in the air, water, noise and others. All the research concerning the issues and the Environmental Audit Reports are prepared by experienced professionals in this field. The Environmental Audit Reports are highly beneficial for those who want to know about the prevailing problems in the environment. Highly accurate and made as per the standards, the Environmental Audit Reports also describe the compliance measures in detail.

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Pollution Prevention Services

We render pollution prevention services and are working as partners with various companies for dealing with the environmental degradation that is taking place due to modern-day industrialization. Right from researching to find out the cause and problem areas to application of techniques for avoiding the accumulation of polluted material in any manner, we have an expert team handling all operations. Scope of pollution prevention servicesrndesigning, up gradation, preparing adequacy reports and efficiency monitoring ofeffluent treatment plantsewage water treatment plantair pollution control equipmentencouraging, supporting and conducting development work in compliance with environmental standards and enhancing methods of environment management as per hazardous waste management rules 1989 and amm.2008undertaking operation and maintenance ofeffluent water treatmentsewage water treatment plantpreparing (related documents of noc) and submitting of noc form to state pollution board h.o. & r.o.preparing (related documents of consent airwaterhw) and submitting consent form to state pollution board to h.o. & r.o.offering environmental legal advisory (pollution board related) on annual basisproviding old and new environmental documents annually like acts, rules, and notification, amendments by moef, cpcb, and spcb.offering consultancy for environmental rules & regulation as per epa act-1986 & under air water pollution act-1981-1992

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