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Battery Powered Dialler

Battery Powered Dialler

Remote device monitoring

ESIM4 may monitor various remote devices, instantly report about device failure, break-in attempt. It contains built-in shockvibration sensor which precisely detects attempted intrusion and sends alert directly to your mobile phone via an SMS or call. ESIM4 allows system reboot, restoration simply by sending an SMS.
Flexibility of usage

The dialler ESIM4 is a reliable solution where speed and fast reaction is necessary. This portable microcontroller based device can serve a variety of situations. For example: it can be easily installed in your workshop or other indoor space and used to inform about intrusion. ESIM4 may also warn about temperature change in order to avoid an overheating or chill. The device allows to connect up to 8 temperature sensors. ESIM4 also supplies 12 V power to an auxiliary device.
Effective saving of power

ESIM4 operates in sleep mode while the GSM module is switched off and ”wakes up” only at specified time or system event. This device has 2 inputs (digital or 0 to 24mA analog input and digital or temperature sensor), it informs immediately when input is triggered or vibration is detected. Smart power management allows ESIM4 to work continuously without replacing four AA batteries up to 2 years.
Easy to setup

Connect up to 2 inputs, insert SIM card and send first SMS. The device is prepared. It is possible to register up to 10 users (phone numbers) that will receive alerts via an SMS. Supports quick and easy configuration through USB too. You can save device configuration as QR code and send it to ESIM4 via SMS.

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