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ESIM 110 GATE Controller

ESIM 110 GATE Controller

Mobile and free

ESIM110 allows to control gates, lift road barriers with a simple phone call. You will not be even charged for it, because Eldes smart device will reject call, though still do its job and open door, gates etc.
Improved performance

Eldes Smart Security cloud server provides mobile application for users and administrators. There is a widget to control device with a single click. Web interface for administrator gives an access to easy user data administration and system configuration. Want to know if it fits your phone?
Programmable GSM switch

ESIM110 is not just a simple GSM switch. It offers a lot more with programmable time schedules, automatic events and alerts. Barriers, entrance doors can be opened for selected users during certain hours, days or weeks. This permission can be customized to expire after a particular time. Extended functionality of ESIM110 allows remotely control and automate any electrical device you choose for On and Off functions.
Easy administration

ESIM110 supports configuration through USB, Internet and SMS. Adding a new user is as easy as sending SMS with their phone number. USB configuration tool allows to add and manage even big user lists with ease. And with GPRS internet connection it is possible to administrate.
Handy database management

ESIM110 system lets you create access logs and provides solution for user database management. Keep track on who and when has entered or left buildingparking lot. It will report gate or similar automatic device faults too.

It is possible to add up to 5 system administrators. They have rights to add and manage up to 500 users. If user has his number recorded in the list, he will be able to open gates with a call. If not, phone call will be simply rejected.

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