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Fire Hose Reel

Fire Hose Reel

Fire hose reels are used by a wide number of industries and commonly located in buildings and business premises for fire protection purposes.

They are designed to provide a controlled water supply to suppress any possible fire risk that involve Class A combustible solids. Either the water mains or water tanks can be utilized to provide the pressurized supply required.

The Fire hose reels are manufactured and approved to British Standard (European standard) BS EN 671-1. Compliance to the stringent test required by the above standard guarantees excellent durability and performance.

Where the fire hose reel is to be installed in an external situation or an aggressive environment, it shall be Protected by a cabinet or other suitable means.

The preferable location for any fire hose is no more than a meter from the floor and they should be mounted securely with the mounting brackets provided.

  • Feature : Brass jet/spray nozzle,Small diameter drum,Powder coated epoxy paint

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