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Milk Protein Concentrate

Milk Protein Concentrate

Commercially available milk protein concentrates contain from 35 to 95% protein. If they are added to food on a solids basis, there will be large differences in functionality due to the differences in protein content. Most food formulations call for a certain protein content and thus whey protein concentrates are generally utilized on a constant protein basis. In this case the differences due to protein content as such should be eliminated. As the protein content increases, the composition of other components in the whey protein concentrate must also change and these changes in composition might be expected to have an effect on functionality.

  • Flavour : Apple, Chocolate, Glucose, Vanilla
  • Form : Powder
  • Uses : Health Supplement
  • Packaging Size : 1Kg, 250gm, 2Kg, 500gm
  • Feature : Completely Safe, Excellent In Taste, Good For Health, Highly Nutritious, Low Calories, Non Harmful
  • Packaging Type : Paper Box, Plastic Can, Plastic Pouch, Tin

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