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Kent RO Water Purifier

The purification done by Kent RO Water Purifier is matchless. This Kent RO Water Purifier is easy to install and simple to maintain. We are a dependable Supplier of Kent RO Water Purifier. Our selection of Kent RO Water Purifier consists of Kent Gold Optima RO Water Purifier, Kent Gold + RO Water Purifier, Kent Gold smart RO Water Purifier, Kent Pearl RO Water Purifier, Kent Excell+ RO Water Purifier, Kent Super+ RO Water Purifier, Kent Grand RO Water Purifier, Kent Pride RO Water Purifier, Kent Maxx RO Water Purifier, Kent Elite II RO Water Purifier, Kent Elite RO Water Purifier, Kent Gold Cool RO Water Purifier and Kent Gold RO Water Purifier. Benefits And Uses :

  • Inlet hard water can be handled to give soft and tasty water
  • Removes all toxins, bacteria, virus, suspended solids and dissolved chemicals
  • Make bore well / safety water drinkable
  • Removes contaminants that may cause high blood pressure, kidney stones, indigestion, gastric and bacteria diseases
  • Enhances the tastes by removing undesirable salts and minerals
  • Removes unpleasant water odor
  • Does not use any chemicals to purify water


Product InfoMRP OMPMoney Saved
KENT Pearl - Mineral RO Tech. Purifier (RO+UV+UF+TDS+ Computerized )17,45016,800 650
KENT Excell+ - Mineral RO Technology Purifier (RO+UV+UF+TDS Presser Tank )17,00016,500500
KENT Super+ - Mineral RO Technology Purifier (RO+UF+TDS+Water level )16,00015,600400
KENT Grand Mineral RO Technology Purifier (RO+UV+UF+TDS+computrized)17,49016,850640
KENT Pride - Mineral RO Technology Purifier(RO+ UF+TDS+Mineral)16,00015,400600
KENT Elite - Mineral RO Technology Purifiers (RO+UF+ High flow presser Tank)31,00029,5001,500
KENT Elite II - Mineral RO Technology Purifiers (RO+UV+UFwith 50 LPH Plant )55,00053,8001,200
KENT Maxx Water Purifiers7,9507,800150
KENT Gold Cool UF Gravity Based Purifiers (UF Storage 20 Ltr)3,8003,600200
Ozone Air Purifier TY-5006,0005,700300
Table Top Air Purifier3,0002,900100
KENT Gold UF Gravity Based Purifiers2,6952,550145
KENT Gold Smart Offline Filter4,1504,000150
Auto soft 255 Home Soft near 49,95048,5001,450
KENT Gold+ UF Gravity Based Purifiers2,8002,650150
KENT Gold Optima UF Gravity Based Purifiers off line1,4501,350100
KENT Tap Guard - On-Tap Purifier...with UF Membrane 2,3002,25050
KENT Ozone Vege & Fruit Purifier6,0005,800200
Kent Mini Softener for Bathroom or Washing Machine 6,0005,800200

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