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Ficus Triangularis variegata

Ficus Triangularis variegata

Ficus Triangularis variegata -Ornamental Shrubs


Ficus trees are a common plant in the home and office, mainly due to the fact that they look like a typical tree with a single trunk and a spreading canopy. Ficus trees can maintain their tree-like shape regardless of their size, so this makes them ideal for bonsais or for massive houseplants in large spaces. Their leaves can be either dark green or variegated. When growing ficus indoors, it is important to maintain a relatively high humidity around the plant. Regular misting or setting the ficus tree on a pebble tray filled with water is a great way to increase their humidity, but keep in mind that while they like high humidity, they do not like overly wet roots. If the top of the soil is wet, do not water as this means they have enough moisture. If the top of the soil feels dry to the touch, this indicates that they need water.

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