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  • Potsios Cabernet Sauvignon Wine

    Potsios Cabernet Sauvignon Wine

    Thanks to the refreshing morning breezes from the Ambracian Gulf, the Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards are able to achieve full maturity in spite of the high summer temperatures. The breezes are enhancing those black fruits with spicy tones reminding one of Syrah, as well as a finish of olive paste. ...

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  • Pomegranate Juice

    Pomegranate Juice

    Pomegranate Juice is hygienically prepared using fresh pomegranates and free from preservatives and artificial colors & flavors. The basic ingredients of our Pomegranate Juice are water, concentrated pomegranate juice (50%), sugar and acidity regulator, i.e., citric acid. Our Pomegranate Juice is ...

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  • Pineapple Juice

    Pineapple Juice

    Prepared using excellent quality pineapple, our 100% natural Pineapple Juice is widely in demand by the clients owing to its purity, freshness, high nutritional value and great taste. Pineapple Juice that we offer is free from any sort of preservatives as well as artificial colors and flavors. The ...

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  • Orange Juice

    Orange Juice

    We are providing tasty and tangy Orange Juice that is 100% natural and prepared using ingredients like water, concentrated orange juice, orange flavor and citric acid. Orange Juice that we offer is free from preservatives and artificial colors & flavors. Our Orange Juice is greatly in demand owing ...

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  • Lykos Winery - Panselinos Red

    Lykos Winery - Panselinos Red

    We are offering lykos winery - panselinos red.Red-regional dry red wine from central greecegrape variety:cabernet 80% - merlot 20%origin:vineyards in evia and boeotia at an altitude of 350m.vinification method:cold soak skin contact and classic redvinification for 12-15 days.aging:twelve months in ...

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  • Lykos Winery - Negre Ponte

    Lykos Winery - Negre Ponte

    We are offering lykos winery - negre ponte,red-regional dry red wine from eviagrape variety:muscat 50% - vradiano 30% - agiorgitiko 10%- merlot 10%aboutorigin:vineyards in northern and southern evia.vinification method:classic red vinification with quickextractions at 24°c.characteristics:bright ...

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  • Lykos Winery - Kratistos

    Lykos Winery - Kratistos

    We are offering lykos winery - kratistosappellation of origin nemea of superior quality dry redgrape variety:agiorgitiko 100%origin:nemea and ancient nemea hillsides.vinification method:cold soak skin contact and classic10-15 day vinification at a steady temperatureof 24°c.aging:oak barrels for 18 ...

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  • Loudas Winery- Sauvignon Blanc

    Loudas Winery- Sauvignon Blanc

    We are offering loudas winery- sauvignon blanc. sauvignon blanc dry white table wine 750mlvarieties: sauvignon blanc 100%vineyard: 15-year-old vines growth: double direction striated microclimate: 450-meter altitude with a mild winter season and a not so warm summer ...

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  • Loudas Winery - Evais Red

    Loudas Winery - Evais Red

    we are offering loudas winery - evais red. varieties: syrah - merlot features: feature the vibrant red color with rich body and thick. Fruits such as cherries and blackberries on the nose matted with animal and earthy odors mouth soft thick and fruity with a long aftertaste . Accompany red meats ...

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  • Limnos Organic Wine

    Limnos Organic Wine

    The Limnos Organic Wine, we offer, is an exquisite semi-sweet red wine, resulted from mingling together the varieties of grapes limnio and cabernet sauvignon. Our Limnos Organic Wine features a very pleasant balance of tannin and sugar, in a base of fresh red fruits. Our Limnos Organic Wine is ...

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  • Georgianti Wine

    Georgianti Wine

    We offer Georgianti Wine which is ampelisious rose demi sweet. To enjoy our Georgianti Wine to the utmost, it should be drunk at8-10 oC. We are a reliable Georgianti Wine Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier in Greece. Alcohol Level : 11,5%vol Varieties :roditis rose, merlot, Syrah Serving ...

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  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil that we offer is prepared from the excellent quality olives that are procured from the olive growing regions of the island. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil has numerous health benefits and is widely recognized for its purity, low fat, low absorption and great aroma. Extra Virgin ...

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  • Exotic Mixed Fruit Juice

    Exotic Mixed Fruit Juice

    Exotic Mixed Fruit Juice is a type of juice that contains a mix of all the fruits like grapes, apple, orange, etc. Exotic Mixed Fruit Juice that we offer contains water, concentrated juice of orange, peach, apple, pineapple, apricot, grapefruit, banana and kiwi. Our Exotic Mixed Fruit Juiceis rich ...

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  • Claudia Papayianni White 2010 Organic Wine

    Claudia Papayianni White 2010 Organic Wine

    Our Claudia Papayianni White 2010 Organic Wine features luminous greenish-yellow color with gold tints. Our Claudia Papayianni White 2010 Organic Wine is made from wide grape varieties and the storage in oak barrels offer a generous and rich taste with a long, aromatic, unique aftertaste.

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  • Cherry Juice

    Cherry Juice

    Cherry Juice that we bring forth has quite a sour taste but it’s delicious and widely in demand. Our Cherry Juice is hygienically prepared using water, concentrated sour cherry juice (min 20%), sour cherry flavor, sugar, acidity regulator (citric acid) and antioxidant (ascorbic acid). Cherry ...

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  • Argyriou - Merlot

    Argyriou - Merlot

    We are offering argyriou - merlot,estate: loggoscomposition: 100%merlotyear: 2009type: red dryvinification: classical fermentation on skinsageing: 12 months inside french oak caskshistoryone more of those varieties of worldwide acclaim that is cultivated on parnassus and yields rich and full ...

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  • Argyriou - Malagouzia

    Argyriou - Malagouzia

    We are offering argyriou - malagouzia,estate: livadorahi composition: 100% malagousiayear: 2012type: white dryvinification: pre-fermentative extractionageing: 12 months inside french oak caskshistorymalagousia is one of the rifest varieties of the greek vineyard because it has been ...

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  • Argyriou - Erochos Red

    Argyriou - Erochos Red

    We are offering argyriou - erochos red,estate: anamero composition: 60% mavroudi 30% merlot 10% syrahyear: 2010type: red dryvinification: classical fermentation on skinsageing: 12 months inside french oak caskshistoryred erohos is a blend of the greek variety mavroudi of arahova and the ...

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  • Apple Juice

    Apple Juice

    We are offering 100% natural and delicious Apple Juice that is prepared using water and concentrated apple juice. Apple Juice that we offer is free from artificial colors & flavors as well as from preservatives. Our Apple Juice is highly in demand owing to its freshness, taste and purity. Further, ...

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  • Agiorgitiko Wine

    Agiorgitiko Wine

    We are offering the finest variety wine that is Agiorgitiko Wine. It is characterized by freshness, intense aromas and delectable taste. Agiorgitiko Wine is essentially a complex red variety, which has the ability to produce a wide range of wine types and styles, from refreshing rose to condensed ...

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  • Potsios Merlot Wine

    Potsios Merlot Wine

    Due to our secure and hassle-free payment procedures, clients stay satisfied with us. We undertake both online and offline payment processing methods including cash and bank transfers. Being a high-flying name in this arena, we promise to deliver the best in line quality products. In addition to ...

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  • Nikolaou Winery Erato Red Dry Wine

    Nikolaou Winery Erato Red Dry Wine

    Nikolaou Winery Nikolaou Winery Erato Red Dry Wine was one of the nine muses of Greek mythology. It was the muse of lyric poetry and hymns. It depicts a lyre. According the Greek Mythology, Erato was the daughter of Zeus and Mnemosyne Titaness. She was considere the protector of marriage and love. ...

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  • Argyriou Malagouzia Wine

    Argyriou Malagouzia Wine

    We promise to deliver the orders within the postulated time frame as we are backed by excellent logistics facility. We make sure that all our products are in compliance with the industry standards and thus cross checked at all stages including manufacturing, warehousing, packaging and final ...

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  • Argyriou Manteio Red Wine

    Argyriou Manteio Red Wine

    The Oracle(Manteio, Red dry wine) is a combination of cosmopolitan variety Cabernet Sauvignon and local Mavroudi. The purpose of creating this prestigious wine aging is to draw attention to the particular characteristics of each variety. Specifically, the CabernetSauvignon with a rich volume of ...

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  • Loudas Evais Red Wine

    Loudas Evais Red Wine

    Get in touch with us for obtaining high quality Loudas Evais Red Wine as we are a dependable supplier in the town. We are capable of delivering consistent and qualitative results by carrying out strict quality examinations. Varieties : Syrah - Merlot Features : Feature the vibrant red color with ...

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  • Loudas Red Wine

    Loudas Red Wine

    We have hired dedicated professionals for checking the quality of the products against various parameters. We provide customized as well as standard packaging of the products. With the assistance of our streamlined packing system, we are able to provide damage-free products to the clients. Features ...

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  • Lykos Kerastis Wine

    Lykos Kerastis Wine

    Functioning efficiently from Greece, we are known for bringing forth quality products at competitive price. To ensure maximum quality retention, we package our products in industrial-grade packaging materials that can brave mechanical damages and logistical jostling. Additionally, they are labeled ...

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  • Lykos Negre Ponte Red Wine

    Lykos Negre Ponte Red Wine

    From Greece, we are providing a lot of products having quality and cost-effective prices. With the assistance of our safe and automatic warehousing system, we are able to store the entire lot of products in a secured manner. The entire lot is cross checked at regular basis for ensuring complete ...

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  • Lykos Panselinos Red Wine

    Lykos Panselinos Red Wine

    One-stop destination for presenting quality Lykos Panselinos Red Wine, we are a notable supplier in this field. Owing to our excellent in-house amenities in Greece, we deliver huge assortment of products to the customers. Grape Variety : Cabernet 80% - Merlot 20%About : Origin - Vineyards in Evia ...

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  • Argyriou Merlot Red Wine

    Argyriou Merlot Red Wine

    Owing to our timeliness and hassle free deliveries, we have become the primary choice of the buyers. We, along with our packaging professionals, ensure that the range of products meets current requirements, for that reason we make use only qualitative packaging material, procured from the renowned ...

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  • Antioxidant Multi Fruit Juice

    Antioxidant Multi Fruit Juice

    Multi Fruits Juice is a type of juice that contains a mix of 3 special fruits such as Pomegranate, Strawberry, Grape. Mixed this three Multi Fruits Juice contain rich in vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B6, E, K, Niacin, Folic, Pantothenic and Antioxidant Acid. We provide Multi Fruits Juice in tetra packing ...

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  • Tomato Juice

    Tomato Juice

    Prepared using excellent quality of Tomatoes which cultivate in the Greek land under the clear Greek Mediterranean sun. Our 100% natural Tomato Juice is widely in demand by the clients owing to its purity, freshness, high nutritional value and great taste. The Tomato Juice that we offer is free ...

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  • Tomato Paste

    Tomato Paste

    Tomatoes have a rich, hearty taste and offer a wide range of nutritional, health, and beauty benefits. You can use tomato juice to add dimensional flavor to your food. Special our product Tomato Juice For Cooking", repared using excellent quality of Tomatoes which cultivate in the Greek land under ...

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  • Kalamata Olives

    Kalamata Olives

    "The region of Kalamata in southwestern Peloponnese, home of the world famous 'Kalamata Olives' or 'Calamon Olives', the best olive type in the world, is the most associated Greek region with olive production. The region is characterized by mild winter and cool summer. Details : 'Kalamata Olive', ...

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  • Green Kalamata Jumbo Olives

    Green Kalamata Jumbo Olives

    Green Kalamata Jumbo Olives & Green Organic Jumbo Kalamata Olives. Green olives are picked before they are ripe, while black olives are allowed to ...Kalamata are usually left on the tree to ripen to a dark brown color and ... extra large, jumbo, colossal, and supercolossal. The Clear Greek ...

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  • Cythera Rusks

    Cythera Rusks

    We package the entire range of products with industrial-grade wrapping supplies that are environment friendly and safe. Furthermore, the packaging is sturdy to protect against damage and to make sure the product is kept quality assured. We have online payment processing system to avoid security ...

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  • Wheat Rusks

    Wheat Rusks

    Buyers can rely on our products, as they conform to international quality norms and are trustworthy. Our packaging professionals ensure that the products enclosed in the package are protected from vibration, shock, compression, temperature and various other external factors. Description : The '' ...

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  • Multigrain Bread Sticks

    Multigrain Bread Sticks

    Our organization is able enough to distribute consignments on schedule due to a productive supply chain network we have. We have advanced packaging systems available to make sure that the products are packed using the experts approved packaging stuff. We source the material from the leading vendors ...

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  • Whole Grain Bread Sticks

    Whole Grain Bread Sticks

    We keep the finished assortment of products in the highly developed and capacious storage unit. This helps us in keeping the products safe and sorted till the final dispatch. Our clients can rest assured for the safety of their financial details, along with quickness in payment ...

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  • Wheat Bread Sticks

    Wheat Bread Sticks

    We make available Wheat Bread Sticks in different lengths and packaging sizes starting from 250g. Before the final dispatch, we ensure that the products are in accordance to the pre-defined quality standards. If you want to purchase quality with quantity, we are the name to be reckoned with! We are ...

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  • Mani Greek Honey

    Mani Greek Honey

    From the tile of Hippokrates, the father of medicine, the health giving properties of honey have been recognised as promoting stamina, vitality and longevity. This nutritional properties of honey are preserved in tact the wild nature of the southern most tip of maintained Greece, Mani This region ...

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  • Mastic Chios Greek Honey

    Mastic Chios Greek Honey

    Keeping it completely confidential, we make certain that the payments made by you are through the leading technology. Apart from the offline transactions, we also support options like credit card, debit card, smart card, e-money, thus, you can opt these options as well. We are a quality centric ...

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  • Organic Saffron Kozanis Greek Honey

    Organic Saffron Kozanis Greek Honey

    You can rely on us for delivering the products within the committed time span as we have the best facilities at our end. We have successfully hired responsible team members to keep a vigil eye over the same. Being a quality-conscious firm, we are offering nothing short of the best quality products ...

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  • Karipidis Winery Merlot Red Wine

    Karipidis Winery Merlot Red Wine

    Merlot is a darkly blue-coloured wine grape, that is used as both a blending grape and for varietal wines. Merlot-based wines usually have medium body with hints of berry, plum, and currant. Its softness and "fleshiness", combined with its earlier ripening, makes Merlot is a popular grape for ...

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  • Karipidis Winery Syrah Red Wine

    Karipidis Winery Syrah Red Wine

    Syrah grape itself is thick-skinned and dark, almostblack. Wines made from Syrah are intense with a darkpurple-black color. The wines taste of blackberry and black raspberry fruit, smoke, tar and black pepper, and have a smooth supple texture. Syrah reflects minerality well, and the chalky ...

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  • Nikolaou Winery Niobe Red Wine

    Nikolaou Winery Niobe Red Wine

    The Niobe was the daughter of the king of Phrygia,Tantalus and Dione, the wife of Theban Amphion and the mother on that many nice children who were paired them niobids. According to Homer’s Iliad, she had six sons and six daughters and boasted of her progenitive superiority to the Titan ...

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