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About Tarot :- Tarot is an ancient art, which originated in fourteenth century in Italy. It was first used in a game of Triumphs. Gradually the power of this deck was realized and it started to be used as a form of divination. Over the years this art was perfected and used to understand the entire complex phenomenon happening in our daily lives. It gives a new perspective to old problems and situations. Tarot Reading includes :- Tarot is a deck of 78 cards. It has four suits- wands, pentacles, cups and swords. Each suit has ten numbered cards from one to ten and four court cards. There are 22 major arcana cards. The major arcane cards deal with the bigger picture of our life and the minor deal with more mundane things in our life. Tarot reading is done with the help of arrangement of cards in a particular way. This arrangement is known as spread. There are many kinds of spreads. Aside from fortune telling the tarot is also used to assess a personĂ¢€™s current situation and spiritual development. It is useful to understand your character and personality as well as of other people around you. It is the measure of the strength of the tarot reader as to how easily the client is able to tell them their intimate problems in detail. The tarot reader should be approached with an open mind and with trust; otherwise he or she may not be able to help you as you are blocking your psyche.

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