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Shankha Pushpi Syrup (12)

Shankha Pushpi Syrup (12)

We are offering brahmi and shankhpushpi the two major ingridents of vritikas shankh pushpi syrup, are known for ages to improove mental capabilty.
modern reasearch has established that it enhances concentration by steadying neuro transmiters. Scientific research had shown that brahmi is an active ingridents thats improoves memory and enhances learning ability.
herbal shankha pushpi syrup (brain booster)
an excellent memory tonic, it is very beneficial for school going children. It increases intelligence. Improves memory. Keeps sharp, very sharp and aggressive.
in todays competitive environment the burden of studies on students is a causes for concern. There is immense stress on students, which affects their memorising capacity.
the problem is aggravated because of extracurricular activities like taking part in sports, running around for tuitions, long hours infrant of the t.v. Ect. This puts additional stress on the brain" cells.
hence it is essential to boost up memor, & concentration. To ever come these problems of the students vritika herbotech has introduced herbal shankha pushpi syrup which is sourced from the authentic ayurvedic text" ayurved sar-sangrah.
even modern scientists of central drug research institute have established their utility in improving concentration, memory and grasping power.
properties of herbal shankha pushpi syrup :
helps to improve concentration, grasping power and ability to recollect.
an ideal tonic for students preparing for examinations as it keeps the mind healthy.
an excellent tonic to relieve problems associated with heavy burden of studies like headache, anxiety, fatigue, distractibility ect.
shankha pushpi and brahmi have an antioxidant activity and thus improve the function of the brain cells and capacity to recall.

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