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Ores and Minerals

We offer a complete product range of Industrial Salt and Kaolin Powder

Industrial Salt

INR 5 / Kilogram ( Approx )
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  • Min. Order (MOQ) 50 Kilogram
  • Type Industrial Salts
  • Application Animal Feed, Anti Dust, Anti Gog, Calcium Supplement, Fertilizer
  • Shelf Life 1 Year
  • Type Salt
  • Color White
  • Classification Chloride, Fine Grade
  • Purity 99%
  • Grade Standard Reagent Grade, Technical Grade
  • Appearance Crystalline, Free From Visible Impurities, Bone Dried Salt
  • Physical State Granules

We are a renowned exporter, importer and supplier of Industrial Salts from Central Delhi, India. We offer a variety of Industrial Salts which are appreciated for their quality and precise nature. We offer Salt for Textiles which is used during the dying process for the betterment of the color fixation. We also offer Water Softners which is used in the conversion of hard water into soft water. The other salts we offer includes pulp & paper salts, salts for the aluminum industry, rubber industries etc., The Salts we offer are effective in the processing stage of various materials. The Industrial Salts we offer includes liquid sodium, metallic sodium, Caustic Soda, Chlorine, Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Sulfate, etc. These Industry Salts are offered by us at affordable prices. Details : Salt for Textiles - Salt is used in textiles for fixation of colours and dyes in there dying process. Water Softener  -  Water is considered hard when it contains calcium and magnesium (hardness ions). Hard water requires more soap and detergent for laundering, cleaning and bathing because suds do not form as well in hard water. The reaction between soap and hard water results in a greasy, curd-like deposit which makes fabrics feel harsh and leaves water spots on dishes and utensils. Mineral scale builds up in hot water appliances and industrial boilers, reducing energy efficiency and shortening appliance and equipment life. Water is conditioned or softened by removing the calcium and magnesium ions from hard water and replacing them with "soft" sodium ions. Water softeners use cation exchange resin to exchange sodium for calcium and magnesium. As supply water flows through the resin bed, the exchange takes place and the water becomes soft. Water softener cation exchange resins are regenerated with a 10% salt brine solution made by dissolving water softener salt. Pulp & Paper -  Salt is used to manufacture chlorine and caustic soda. In paper making, caustic soda is used to process wood fibers and chlorine is used to bleach the pulp. Sodium chlorate, also made from salt, is replacing chlorine as the primary chemical for bleaching pulp. Other Industries  -  Salt is used to fix and standardise dye batches in the textile industry; it is used in metal processing and secondary aluminium making, to remove impurities; rubber manufacturers use salt to separate rubber from latex; salt is used as a filler and grinding agent in pigment and dry-detergent processes; ceramics manufacturers use salt for vitrifying the surface of heated clays; soap makers separate soap from water and glycerol with salt; oil and gas drillers use salt in well drilling muds to inhibit fermentation, increase density and to stabilize drilling in rock salt formations; hide processors and leather tanners use salt to cure, preserve and tan hides; and there are more.   Industrial Uses of Salt : A variety of materials, each of which is used in the production of many products, are produced by different treatments, or processing, of rock salt or salt brine. Following are a few of the most important : Liquid Sodium - in more recent years, used as the coolant, or heat exchanger, an essential element in the nuclear process. Metallic Sodium - used in making brass and bronze; sodium cyanide, in turn, used in making case-hardened steel and fumigating materials, in indigo and other synthetic dyes. Chlorine - used primarily in producing polymers that are used in manufacture of plastics, synthetic fibers and synthetic rubber; also used in crude oil refining, for making pesticides; in household bleach, water treatment and sewage treatment. Caustic Soda - an element used in making glass, rayon, polyester and other synthetic fibers, plastics, soaps and detergents. Sodium Sulfate - used extensively in the manufacture of pulp and paper, dyes and ceramic glazes. Sodium carbonate - used in manufacture of glass, pulp and paper, and rayon. Hydrochloric Acid - used in making synthetic rubber and in cleaning gas and oil wells. Sodium bicarbonate - used in textile manufacturing, processing leather, making glass and neutralizing acids.

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Kaolin Powder

INR 32 / Kilogram ( Approx )
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  • Min. Order (MOQ) 5 Kilogram
  • Type Kaolin Powder
  • Application Cement, Ceramic, Industrial, Paper
  • Color White
  • Purity 99%
  • Form Powder
  • Packaging Type Bag, Drum, Hdpe Bags, Packet
  • Packaging Size 10kg, 15kg, 20kg

Being one of the well-known and trusted exporter, importer and supplier of Kaolin Powder from Central Delhi, India, we supply the best quality Kaolin Powder that is used to increase the decor of the home exteriors. Our products are highly durable with colour and mildew resistant powers. We manufacture the product keeping in mind the specifications and needs of our esteemed clients. We accept order in bulk and ensure a very prompt delivery that too at very economic prices.

Additional Information:

Packaging Details : 1kg n 50kg

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