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We are leaders in the market for providing best range of PP. HB Foot Valve, PP Foot Valve Screwed End, HDPE Ball Valve Flange End, PP "Y" Type Stainer Flange End and PP "Y" Type Stainer Screwed End

PP. HB Foot Valve

PP HB Foot Valve  are especially utilized for adjusting the flow of water, liquid and various other sorts of fluids in different industrial and domestic pipe and hose fittings. We design these valves sturdily design by using graded polypropylene materials. To suffice the needs of our precious clients, we offer this range of valves in distinguished sizes, dimensions, connection ends and specifications after testifying on various quality parameters.

  • Material Of Construction Polypropylene (PP) Construction 2 Piece Design
    Design Flap Type Test pressure 08 kg./cm2
    Max working temp 50 c (consistently) Size Range 50MM to 100MM
    Connection End Screw end (BSP thread) Standard As per manufacturer
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PP Foot Valve Screwed End

The  PP Foot Valve Screwed End  is used for controlling the uni-directional flow of liquefied and gaseous material and evading the reverse flow of material. The valves are available in various sizes, shapes, dimensions and specifications as per the requirements of our clients.  

  • Material Of Construction PP (Polypropylene) Construction Ball type design, soft seated, 2 Piece Design
    Design 2 Piece Design Connection End Screw end (BSP thread)
    Size Range 25MM to 315MM Test pressure 10 kg./cm2
    Max working temp 70 c (consistently) Standard As per manufacturer
    Material Specification      
    1) Top Body 1 Polypropylene
    2) Bottam Body 1 Polypropylene
    3) Screen 1 Polypropylene
    4) Ball 1 Polypropylene
    5) Ball Ring 1 Polypropylene
    6) Seat Ring 1 Neoprene Rubber
    7) Stud, Nut & Washer Req. SS


    Size L T OD ID
    In. MM        
    1" 25MM 200 28 52 25
    1 1/2" 40MM 222 30 74 40
    2" 50MM 222 32 75 52
    2 1/2" 65MM 310 29 115 63
    3" 80MM 314 30 117 81
    4" 100MM 360 28 132 100
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HDPE Ball Valve Flange End

HDPE Ball Valve Flange End  is made using optimum quality material and advanced technology. The flange end extensively finds applications in chemical industries. These ball valves are appreciated for their high durability and pressure resistance. Available in various sizes and thickness, these are designed as per the BS, ANSI & DIN standards  

  • Material Of Construction PP (Polypropylene) & HDPE (High density polyethylene) Construction 3 piece design, 1 piece stem (spindle), full bore, Teflon seated
    Design 3 piece design Test pressure 08 kg./cm2
    Max working temp 70 c (consistently) Size Range ½" 15MM TO 12’’-315MM
    Connection End Flanged as per ANSI B 16.5 (150#) & 
    BS 10 (Table D/E/F) & DIN STD.
    Standard As per manufacturer
    Material Specification
    1) Flanged end 2 HDPE
    2) Body 1 HDPE
    3) Ball 1 Polypropylene
    4) Stem/Spindal 1 Polypropylene With M.S. /S.S
    5) Seat Ring 2 PTFE (TEFLON)
    6) Body"O"Ring 2 Neoprene
    7) Stem Seal Ring 1 PTFE (TEFLON)
    8) Stem "O" Ring 1 Neoprene
    9) Stud, Nut & Washer REQ M.S. Zinc Plated/S.S
    10) Nut Cap REQ Polypropylene.
    11) Handle 1 M.S. PP Coated.
    12) Handle Hex. Pin 1 M.S./ S.S.
    13) Handle Cap 1 Polypropylene.
    Size L T OD ID H1 H
    In. MM            
    1/2" 15MM 129 12.5 100 13.5 130 69
    3/4" 20MM 142 14 101 19 131 75
    1" 25MM 160 20 123 24 165 89
    1 1/2" 40MM 182 20 140 38 197 109
    2" 50MM 208 22 165 50 200 121
    2 1/2" 65MM 230 25 185 63 255 144
    3" 80MM 251 25 201 75 255 150
    4" 100MM 302 28 228 100 350 182
    6" 150MM 428 30 300 150 - 236
    8" 200MM 505 32 360 201 - 325
    10" 250MM 570 34 425 242 - 310
    12" 315MM 590 35 487 300 - 309


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PP "Y" Type Stainer Flange End

Precision engineered,   PP Y Type Strainer Flange End  ensure high tolerance level. These strainers are mainly used for filtration of coarse materials in various industries. The filters are made from wire mesh or perforated steel sheet. Available in a variety of specifications, this flange end strainer can also be availed by clients in various customized options.  

  • Material Of Construction PP (Polypropylene) We will also provide on request - screen 20,40,60,80, 100 &120 Mesh
    Design Single piece body Test pressure 8kg
    Max working temp 50 c (consistently) Size Range ½”-15MM TO 4’’-100MM
    Connection End Flanged as per ANSI B 16.5 (150#) & BS 10 (Table D/E/F) & DIN STD. Standard As per manufacturer
    Material Specification
    1) Body Polypropylene 1
    2) Screen 60 Mesh pp Screen 1
    3) Cover Polypropylene 1
    4) Cover Gasket Neoprene Rubber 1
    5) Side Piece Polypropylene 2
    6) Flanges Polypropylene 2
    Size L T OD ID L1 H
    In. MM            
    1/2" 20MM 180 13 95 20 110 80
    3/4" 25MM 180 13 100 20 110 80
    1" 32MM 225 14 120 24 145 94
    1 1/2" 50MM 270 18 140 39 170 113
    2" 62MM 308 24 162 50 185 140
    3" 90MM 342 25 200 75 235 183
    4" 100MM 336 30 228 102 - 210


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PP "Y" Type Stainer Screwed End

The  PP "Y" Type Screwed End Strainer  is appreciated for its high tolerance level and break resistance attributes. These strainers are used for the filtration of coarse materials. Clients can avail this Y-Type Strainer in different specifications to suit the precise requirements. Features Easy installation Low maintenance cost Single piece construction Application Chemical Industry Sugar Industry Food Processing Industry Fertilizers

  • Material Of Construction PP (Polypropylene) Construction Single piece body
    Standard As per manufactures Connection End Screwed End (BSP thread)
    Size 15MM TO 80MM Mesh Size 60 Mesh pp Screen
    Size L T OD ID L1 H
    In. MM
    1/2" 20MM 180 13 95 20 110 80
    3/4" 25MM 180 13 100 20 110 80
    1" 32MM 225 14 120 24 145 94
    1 1/2" 50MM 270 18 140 39 170 113
    2" 62MM 308 24 162 50 185 140
    3" 90MM 342 25 200 75 235 183
    4" 100MM 336 30 228 102 - 210


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PP NRV Flange End

Our specifically designated  PP NRV Flange End Valves  are utilized in various industrial piping applications for closing the pipe end iMMaculately. This pipe end stops the back flow of the liquefied and gaseous material in the piping systems of different industries. These valves are manufactured using qualitative polypropylene material and advanced techniques in adherence with the quality standards. These ends are available in flange connection end in conformation with the ANSI B 16.5 (150#) & BS 10 (Table D/E/F) & DIN STD.

  • Material Of Construction Polypropylene (PP) Construction Single body moulded
    Design Two Piece Body. Test pressure 08 kg./cm2
    Max working temp 50 c (consistently) Size Range 15MM to 100MM
    Connection End Flanged as per ANSI B 16.5 (Table D) Standard As per manufacturer
    1) Top Body Polypropylene 1
    2) Bottom body Polypropylene 1
    3) Ball Polypropylene 1
    4) Ball Ring Neoprene Rubber 1
    5) Seat Ring Neoprene Rubber 1
    6) Stud, Nut & Washer MS Req.
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PP Threaded Bend

The  PP Threaded Bend  is used where two pipes are to be joined at the turning point. The assortment is appreciated for excellent durability, high tensile strength and longer service life. These can also be customize in terms of size, quality and thickness as per the details laid by our clients. Specifications Sturdy construction High tensile strength Durability Longer service life

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PP Cock

We are offering a huge stock of  PP Cock  to our clients for use in agriculture sector. Widely used in the fittings of irrigation related activities, these polypropylene cocks regulate and control the supply of the flow. Constructed from UV resistant polypropylene materials, the range of cock is perfect for exposed as well as for underground installations. Manufactured in accordance with the industry standards and norms, the offered PP cock is available in different dimensions and sizes to choose from. Specifications Heat insulated Resistant to corrosive fluids Excellent impact strength IMMune towards high temperature Suitable for both underground and above the ground installation

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PP Emitter

The  Emitter  is utilized in agriculture domain for crop irrigation applications. These are developed by using superlative grade materials, which can be fixed on the water supplying pipe ensuring flawless supply of water drop by drop to the roots of the plants. Specifications Minimize the wastage of water Water distribution is uniform Low soil erosion Durable working life No requirement of field leveling

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Hole Plug

Our offered optimum quality range of  Hole Plug  is ideally used in drip irrigation systems for temporarily blocking the supply of water through it. These plugs are designated by making use of topnotch quality material in conformation with the quality norms laid down by the industry. To suffice the application requirements of our clients, we offer this plug range in various sizes, diameters and dimensions. Specifications Suitable for low water flow pressure Accurate dimension Flawless finish Corrosion proof Long lasting nature

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PP Joiner

The  PP Joiner  is used while connecting pipes in a system to ensure leak proof supply of water in drip irrigation system. Designed by using finest quality material, these joiners are available in different sizes and dimensions. Features Low maintenance Durable Leak proof

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PP Dripper

Technically designated  PP Dripper  is suitable to be utilized in agriculture sector for irrigating crops by dropping water on plants. These irrigation equipments are made by using superior quality material in conformation with the industrial quality norms.   Features Uniform water distribution Minimal water wastage Flawless water supply Long working life

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Ring Joiner

  • Sizes 12MM, 16MM, 16X8MM, 16X12MM

Ring Joiner  offered by us is ideally utilized for perfectly connecting two pipelines in irrigation system. We develop these joiners by using topnotch quality material in divergent sizes, diameters, screw connection ends and dimensions to suffice the application requirements of our clients.   Features Dimensional accuracy IMMaculate finish High durability Sturdiness Leakage proof Can withstand in all weather conditions

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Sprinkler End Plug

This  Sprinkler End Plug  is used in drip irrigation system to close the open end of the pipe. It is attached to the end of the drip tubing. It can be easily unscrewed for easy flushing and draining of tubing. We design this end plug in different sizes and thickness for varied diameters of pipes.   Features Can sustain heavy pressure and flow Tightly close the end of pipe Easy installation Excellent water holding power Maximum UV protection

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Sprinkler Tube Set

This  Sprinkler Tube Set  offers the greatest hydraulic advantage. Its larger inside diameter dramatically improves flow characteristics. This tube set is specially designed for use in wet, dry, pre-action and deluge systems. Unlike other ordinary tubes, these have exceptional mechanical properties and lesser wall thickness, owing to its manufacturing through cold-forming process.   Features Excellent flow characteristics Strong design Larger inside diameter with lesser wall thickness Good mechanical strength Excellent fabrication characteristics for end prep finishes

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Shade Net Pin

Shade Net Pin  is essential for erecting shade net over the crops in a field. This type of pin ensures easy installation of shade net. We offer this pin to clients in different dimensions according to the length of shade net to be installed. Made using high grade materials, this pin is durable in quality and protected from harsh UV rays.   Features UV stabilized Corrosion proof Easy to fix and remove Can bear heavy weight of shade net

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Micro Tup

Micro Tup  is specially designed to meet every demand of low volume irrigation. This includes landscape installations or agricultural installations to backyard gardens. This tube can be installed above or below the ground without any risk of damaging effect. The tube is processed in such a way that it can easily sustain high pressure and flow of water along with other environmental effects.   Features Resistance to the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays Able to withstand environmental effects Tubing is prevented from snapping off even at higher pressures Can be installed above or below the ground

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Poly Hole Plug

The  poly hole plugs  are used to repair the holes on poly tubes. The hole plugs are made using resilient rubber and are perfectly used in various concrete structures. The hole plug is haMMered in to the hole till it snuggly fitted in to it to achieve perfect vacuum.   Features Easy to install Used for vacuum testing

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Pepsi Ring Joiner

Pepsi Ring Joiner  is specially designed for leak proof connection between two pipelines in irrigation system. We use high grade plastics to design these fittings. It is available to clients in different diameters, sizes, screw connection ends and dimensions to meet the diverse application requirements. Features Virgin material is used CV is under 5% Highly resistance to clogging Leakage proof Flow emission rate is constant Can withstand in all weather conditions

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pepsi joiner

Pepsi Joiner  is ideal for use in irrigation system. It is primarily used for connecting two pipes together for ensuring unobstructed supply of water through the system. We offer this type of fitting to clients in a variety of sizes, diameters, connection ends and dimensions to suit various application demands.   Features Highly resistant to clogging Can withstand in adverse weather conditions Leak proof connection Virgin material is used CV is under 5%Constant flow emission rate under all conditions Can withstand in adverse weather conditions

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Pepsi Take Off

Pepsi Take Off  is an essential fitting used in irrigation system. This fitting is specially designed to connect the sub main line and lateral. It is wisely designed to ensure a leak proof connection between the pipes for a smooth flow of water in the system. We design this fitting using high grade plastic to ensure long life and complete protection from environment factors.   Features Water-tight connection Easy to install and remove Maximum UV protection Can withstand high pressure and flow of water through the pipeline Protection against all weather conditions

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PP Spade

  • Material PPCP

The  PP Spade  is used for gardening purposes. This assortment can be availed by the clients in customized sizes in order to meet their diverse requirements. Owing to strong and durable construction, this spade is offered to the clients at industry-leading prices.

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PP Indicator

  • Size 1/2",3/4",1"
  • Material PP

Our purposely designed  PP Indicator  is idyllically utilized in industries like sugar, soap, paints, oil refineries and various others for signifying and controlling the flow of liquid materials like water and chemicals. We make use of top grade polypropylene in manufacturing this range of flow indicators.

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HDPE Compression Elbow

  • Size 20MM to 110MM

A  HDPE compression elbow  is a pipe fitting installed among two lengths of pipe or tubing to permit a change of direction, usually a 90° or 45° angle. HDPE Compression Elbow is specifically manufactured using best grade PP and latest technology. When the two ends differ in size, the fitting is called a  reducing elbow  or  reducer elbow . This elbow is in complete compliance with international quality standards and further ensures leak proof connections. Widely used for the association of fractional tube that ensures high working life, this elbow is offered in different sizes and grades as per the client's specific requirements.    Elbows are categorized based on design features as below: Long Radius (LR) Elbows – radius is 1.5 times the pipe diameter Short Radius (SR) Elbows – radius is 1.0 times the pipe diameter 45 Degree Elbow – where change in direction required is 45° 60 Degree Elbow – where change in direction required is 60° 90 Degree Elbow – where change in direction required is 90°

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HDPE Elbow Male Threaded Off-Take

  • Size 20MM to 63MM

Incorporated with sophisticated technology,   HDPE Elbow  Male Threaded Off-Take offered by us is designed using optimum grade material. The range of male threaded elbow is broadly used in various fitting applications. Moreover, customization of this threaded elbow is provided by us to meet the requirements of customers.

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HDPE Tee Male Threaded Off-Take

  • Size 20MM to 110MM

Combining best available jointing technology, we are involved in offering  male threaded tee off-take . The pp/ hdpe tee is used as both compression as well as push-fit fitting and can serve as perfect solution while installing new pipe lines as well as extension or renovation of pipe lines.

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