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Wheat in Gondal

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Some Important Facts About Wheat

Top Ten Wheat Producing States in India
Rank State Name Production (Thousand Tonns)
1 Uttar Pradesh 30301.942
2 Punjab 16591
3 Madhya Pradesh 13133.4
4 Haryana 11117
5 Rajasthan 9275.472552
6 Bihar 5357.20482
7 Gujarat 2944
8 Maharashtra 1181
9 West Bengal 895.93
10 Uttarakhand 858.23



Top 10 Wheat Producing Countries of The World
Rank Country Name Million Metric Tonnes
1 China 125.6
2 India 94.3
3 United States 61.6
4 France 40.4
5 Russia 37.8
6 Australia 30.0
7 Canada 27.1
8 Pakistan 23.6
9 Germany 22.5
10 Turkey 20.3



World's Top 10 Wheat Consuming Countries
Rank Country Domestic Consumption (1000 MT)
1 China 124000
2 EU-27 123100
3 India 93725
4 Russian Federation 35500
5 United States 32564
6 Pakistan 24500
7 Egypt 18900
8 Iran, Islamic Republic Of 18900
9 Turkey 17500
10 Ukraine 12000


Which is the largest wheat producing state in India?

Owing to the rich and fertile soil of the Ganges basins, Uttar Pradesh produces the highest amount of wheat in the country. Approximately 96 lakhs hectare of land is used for wheat farming which helps in producing around 300.010 lakh net tons of wheat. The main species of wheat grown in Uttar Pradesh is known as Tritium. The climate, soil type and other conditions for growing wheat are excellently available in this state making it the largest producer of wheat in the country.

Which country is the largest producer of wheat in the world?

China, with an annual production of over 126 million metric tons, is entitled as the largest wheat producing country in the world. Around 24 million hectares of land in China is utilized for producing wheat. The valleys of Yellow River, Huai River, and Yangtze River are chosen as the best area for wheat cultivation in China because of the rich and fertile soil found there. 40% of the grain consumption in China is accredited to wheat as it serves as one of the staple food crops in the country.

Name the largest wheat consuming country in the world?

The largest wheat consuming country in the world is none other than China. The domestic consumption of wheat in China is estimated to be around 124,000 metric tons. This also accounts for 40% of the total grain consumption by the people of China in a single year, making wheat one of its staple foods.

Which is the largest wheat exporting country in the world?

The United States tops the list of the wheat exporting countries in the world. The total wheat exports made by the US accounts for approximately 14.8% of the overall wheat exports made in the world. It exports wheat grains worth US$5.4 billion annually.

What are the different varieties of wheat found in the world?

There are various varieties of wheat produced and consumed in different parts of the world. Here are the major varieties: