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Self Supporting Metal Panels

Self Supporting Metal Panels

Self-supporting Metal Panel, Insulated With Pir, For Pitched Roofs With AMinimum Slope Of 7%. Glamet Is Available In Thickness Range Of : 30-40-50-60-80-100mm

Fm Approved Glament Panels are made with pir and Will Be Used Only For Roofing Applications and not for wall cladding exterior applications.
Self-supporting Metal Panels Insulated With Pur For Use In Industrial And Commercial Buildings, Refrigerated Rooms With Positive Temperature, And Partitions In General. For Additional Technical Information, Refer To The Monowall Technical Manual.

Table Of Safe Spans :

  • Values Guaranteed With Steel Sheets As Thick As Indicated. Spans L In Metres, As A Function Of A Uniformly Distributed Load P (dan/m2), Have Been Obtained From Experimental date and calculated to provide a deflection limit: F<= 1/200 of the span and A Minimum safety coefficient that complies with the ueatc standards for insulated panels, which have been established and are implemented by primary european certifying organizations.
  • Self-supporting Metal Panel, Insulated With Pur-insulation, For Pitched Roofs With A minimum Slope Of 7%. The Internal Side Of The Panel Has A Surface Finish Made From Centesimal Aluminium.
  • The spans L In Metres, As A Function Of A Uniformly Distributed Overload P (dan/m2), Have been calculated to provide a deflection F<=L/200 considering only the sheet as resisting cross-section uni Cnr-10022/84 and the aipped design guidelines. Date for the 0.5 mm thickness sheet has been obtained from laboratory tests.        
  • 'INSUshield' is a non-fibrous, fire retardant (FR), closed  cell, tri-dimensional chemically crosslinked polyethlene foam. it is certified 'class o' in fire propagation and 'class 1' in surface spread of flame as per BS 476 part 6 & part 7 respectively. 'INSUshield' (chemically crosslinked polyethylene foam) is an ideal environment friendly insulation material, with a perfect solution for all your insulation needs for ducts, roofs, pipes, vessels etc. It is a better alternative to conventional Glass Wool insulation material. 'INSUshield' is also available in tubing form for pipe insulation.

  • Weight : 300-450gm
  • Material : Metal
  • Condition : New
  • Glamet is Available In Thickness Range : 30-40-50-60-80-100mm
  • Feature : Rust Proof
  • Usage : Industrial
  • Surface Finishing : Polished

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