Goyal Plaster Industries (Corporate Office)

Goyal Plaster Industries (Corporate Office)

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Plaster of Paris

  • Plaster of Paris is Gypsum plaster suitable for application on internal surface finish plastering system as plastering/punning on sand-cement plaster, renovation of old scrapped surface, in-situ ceiling systems, all decorative work like to form cornice/ mouldings and arches. It consists of Gypsum hemihydrates specially treated high purity Gypsum, additives to achieve strong, durable, and more coverage, less wastage, enhanced work ability and provides a white finish ready for all decoration/paint.

  • Bikana Plaster of Paris

    A high quality product brought to you by Goyal Plaster Industries, Bikana is the result of an uncompromising manufacturing process. A plaster with which you can shape your most challenging ideas of interiors into reality. A plaster that is true investment in your chosen home or office environment. ...

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  • Tiger Plaster Of Paris

    Tiger Plaster of Paris is utmost quality which gives your interiors an elegant look. The Tiger plaster is the most suitable plaster for application on internal plastering system as punning of wall and ceilings and also for decorative works like roses, cornices, mouldings, etc. It consists of gypsum ...

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  • Ginni Plaster Of Paris

    Ginni Plaster of Paris (POP) is so exceptionally ground that it is a low density powder thus it covers more area with less material. It is also available in good quantity at affordable prices. Ginni plaster of paris settles slowly thus gives enough time to the mason/worker to complete his/her work. ...

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  • Jepur Royal Plaster of Paris

    Jepur Royal Plaster of Paris is a highest grade quality plaster which will supports your ideas about gorgeous interiors in to reality. It consists of gypsum hemihydrates specially treated high purity gypsum and additives to achieve strong, durable and more coverage. This plaster is most suitable ...

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  • Vijay Shree Nav Nirman Plaster of Paris

    Vijayshree Nav Nirman Plaster of Paris powder is immensely used for varied applications. This Plaster of Paris powder is of superior quality as it goes through many stringent quality tests. Vijayshree Nav Nirman plaster of Paris does not shrink and crack after drying. It is user friendly and ...

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