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Student Spectrometer

Student Spectrometer

Owing to the hard work and goodwill, our name features in the list of the vital manufacturers and exporters of Table Spectrometer from Ambala, Haryana, India. Our high-tech manufacturing unit and team of workers carefully manufacture the product using advanced machinery and modern equipment. Our range of products is comfortable to use and promises durability and low maintenance cost.


More about Student Spectrometer : The base, Integral with the collimator tube support, carries the swinging telescope arm pivoted on a bearing with spring-loaded end thrust plates; this type of bearing eliminates any slack which would otherwise develop with wear. The collimator and telescope tubes are one- piece precision castings in light alloy, concealed helical-action focusing devices are provided. The collimator slit with spring-loaded jaws is of a robust design which ensures retention of the initial accuracy. The graduated prism table support, 18cm dia, is divided in degrees, the vernier reading to 0.10, is fixed to the telescope arm. This arrangement permits easy estimation to 0.050 from the conveniently positioned vernier scale. The fully adjustable prism table, has screwed holes for the attachment of prism and grating holders, to accommodate prisms upto 38mm high.

Large-diameter clamping knobs are fitted for movement control and fine adjustment is provided for the telescope.


Dimensions Overall : 51 x 23 x 22cm lengthxwidthxheight. Without prism

Detail :

  • Telescope vernier reads to 1 min of arc. A model for student use with an optical system equivalent to that of more advanced models, thus permitting many quantitive experiments.
  • Graduated disc 127mm dia, fixed to table, double ended vernier to read to 1 min of arc, attached to telescope. Both telescope and table have fine adjustment screws and release of clamping screw enables coarse adjustments to be made by hand. Telescope and collimator are fitted with 178mm focal length, 32mm clear aperture achromatic objective and have rack and pinion focusing telescope fitted with x15 Ramsden eyepiece and crossline graticule, collimator with adjustable slit, length 6mm, mounting on telescope and collimator permits accurate leveling of axis and squaring of axis of roration.
  • The spectrometer table, marked with lines to assist positioning of prism and diffraction grating. Complete in hardwood case with the following accessories : One prism clamp, one diffraction grating holder, one watchmaker's eye glass, one tommy-bar for adjusting optical axis.


Model Number : GP-501.2

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