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Gravity Drip Kit

Gravity Drip Kit

Features :

  • Effective for open field crops as well as small greenhouses
  • Designed for all types of crops and year-round application.
  • Easily attaches to any water tank.
  • No pump or electricity required, operates on gravity.
  • Easy to install, operate and maintain. Do it yourself.
  • Applicable for a wide variety of water sources.
  • Portable system, can be easily shifted.
  • Affordable & Ideal drip systems for small farmers.
  • All items are supplied in one box. Easy to carry.
  • Suitable for plots of any shape and size
  • Available in 3 types of lnline tubing

Benefits :

  • Increases yields and quality
  • Affordable and cost efficient
  • Saves labour and eliminates the need for electricity/energy
  • Enhances the use of existing resources
  • Prevents water run-off, deep percolation, leaching and soil erosion
  • Maximizes water efficiency
  • Enables multi-seasonal application
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • No special skills or previous experience necessary
  • Optional for large projects according to community needs:
  • technical support and agronomic training

Applications :

  • Mainly suitable for cultivation of vegetables. Can be used for cereals, pulses, cotton and other closely spaced crops.
  • Can be used for irrigation in open fields, Green house/ Net house and nurseries.
  • Suitable for Kitchen Gardens and alsowhere land holding is very small.
  • Useful as a survival irrigation tool in rainfed area or water scarcity region or when there is a prolonged gap between rains & / or electricity is not available.,

  • spacing : 2/4LPH discharge
  • thickness : 0.2mm , 0.3mm & 0.5mm
  • Thin walled : 16mm 40cm
  • Available from : 20-2,000 sq.m

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