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Graavity Agro

Nashik, Maharashtra, India

Venturi Fertilizer Injector

Venturi Fertilizer Injector

Features :

  • Work on hydraulic pressure of irrigation system.
  • No new of extra motor or power.
  • Injection rate of fertilizer can be preciously controlled.
  • Less head loss.
  • Saving in fertilizer quantity.
  • Made from chemical resistance plastic & metal for injection of fertilizer and chemical through drip / sprinkler system.

  • : Easiest way to give acid treatment, fertilizers, chemicals, additives through Drip and sprinkler irr
  • Material : Made from high quality plastics with special design.
  • Size : ¾, 2 and 2 Inches
  • Application : Could be used for injection of large volume of fertilizer.
  • Capacity. : 80~1200 Lit/hr

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