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Industrial Chemicals

We are leaders in the market for providing best range of Magnesium Hydroxide and Magnesium Aluminium Silicate - Hydrated

Magnesium Hydroxide

We are offering magnesium hydroxide. appearance a very fine white powder & odorless. concentration it contains not less than 95.0 % to 100.5% of mg(oh)2 physical properties bulk density: 0.25 gmcc to 0.30 gmcc (light grade) 0.45 gmcc to 0.55 gmcc (heavy grade) particle size: less than 1% retention while passing through 325# bss (wet method) whiteness: tapp brightness is more than 96% chemical analysis as per latest ip, bp & usp specifications. application widely used as an antacid in many antacid formulations. Also used as intermediate for obtaining magnesium metal, residual fuel oil additive, sulfite pulp, uranium processing, dentifrices, in food as alkali, drying agent, color retention agent, frozen desserts. Also widely used in effluent treatment plant especially where the effluents is very much alkaline in nature.

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Magnesium Aluminium Silicate - Hydrated

We offer magnesium aluminium silicate - hydrated. appearance a very fine, powder, odourless. concentration it contains not less than 11.0% of mgo, not less than 20% of al2o3 and between 48.0% to 58.0% of sio2. physical properties bulk density: 0.20 to 0.25 gm/cc. chemical analysis identification : gives characteristic tests of aluminium, magnesium and silicates. solubility : gives characteristic tests of aluminium, magnesium and silicates. loss on ignition : between 20 to 30% of its weight when ignited at 1000° c heavy metals : max. 30 ppm arsenic : max. 8 ppm chloride : max. 450 ppm sulphate : max. 200 ppm chloride : max. 0.4 % acid consuming capacity : 1.0 gm of the ignited substance requires not less than 175 ml and not more than 230 ml of n/10 hcl total content of mgo, al2o3 and sio2: not less than 88% use as an antacid raw material in a specific antacid formulation.

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