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Trademark & Copyright Consultants

Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of Partnership Firm Registration Services, Proprietorship Registration Services, digital signature certification services, Society Registration Services and Shops and Establishment Registration Services.

llp registration service

Through limited liability act 2008, limited liability partnership entities were introduced. The basic premise behind LLP entities was to offer easy incorporation process and limited liability to owners. LLP company registration offers the benefit of both private limited and partnership entities. The limited liability is the only difference between normal partnership and LLP company. It is the most preferred type of company for small businesses who are not willing to do huge funding.

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Partnership Firm Registration Services

partnership firm refers to a business structure in which two or more individuals register and operate a business according to the terms and conditions which are set in partnership deed. Partnerships are based on the partnership deed, which can be in written and oral form and it contains all the rules and regulations regarding the partnership firm. Partnership deeds are created on the judicial stamp paper of 2000 rupees to avoid future conflicts. Under the Partnership Act, 1932, partnership firms are registered with prior rules and regulations which must be mentioned in partnership deed The agreed name of the partnership firm, it should be based on mutual agreement of all the partners. The nature of the business must be mentioned in partnership deed. The duration of the partnership Contribution of capital by all the partners In partnership firm all the partners share the profit of firm. So profit sharing ratio should all be decided. Procedure for voluntary or forced dissolution of the firm Guidelines for solving any disputes and arbitration process to be followed

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Proprietorship Registration Services

Proprietorship company is the most common and simplest form of entity. A sole proprietorship is a type of business entity which is controlled and owned by one person. You don't have excess paperwork to start a sole proprietorship. But there are some important things you need to know before starting your journey in entrepreneur’s world. Sole proprietorship, according to the government of India is a “one-man organisation where a single individual owns, manages and controls the business.” Proprietorship company is very easy to start and compliance requirements are very limited. There is no fees to be paid for starting a sole proprietorship company, and there is no government regulatory paperwork and compliance to be fulfilled. There are no minimum capital investment requirements, and proprietor has full control and ownership stake. A disadvantage of a sole proprietorship is that the owner of sole proprietorship is personally liable for all the business's accounts. In case the business runs into financial trouble, the owner will have to pay the business debts. with his or her own money.

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digital signature certification services

A digital signature certificate is a digital format of the documents. It is an electronic document which contains information about the user’s name, pin code, country, email address, date of issuance of certificates and name of the certifying authority. Digital signature certificate is now legal necessity for many applications and statutory required in government agencies. DSC mandates that the data that has been digitally signed or encrypted by a private key can only be decrypted by its corresponding public key.

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Society Registration Services

Societies are usually formed for the charitable purposes and for the promotion of arts, science, religion, culture, music, sports etc. They are created by individuals as an association united together by mutual consent to act jointly and deliberately for common purposes. In India, The Societies Registration Act, 1860 mandates the procedure for society registration and its operation in India. A society can be registered by a minimum of seven or more persons. The societies act, was introduced with the aim of providing legal conditions to the society registration. This act was further implemented by several state governments with some amendments.

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Shops and Establishment Registration Services

If you are starting a commercial establishment or a shop, you need to file for registration under the Shop and Establishment Act, within 30 days of commencement of your establishment. As the owner of a shop and establishment, it is compulsory to register for the Shop & Establishment Act. This act is applicable nationwide and the establishment such as hotels, amusement parks, theaters and other such entities that come under the purview of the act.

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Copyright Registration Services

A copyright is essentially a right that is granted not to copy someone’s work. It gives the owner of the subject an exclusive right over his/her invention or work. After copyright registration work is protected, and no one can imitate, copy or reproduce the original work in any other way. Copyright is an exclusive right which is given by law to creators of literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works and producers of cinematograph films and inventors of new inventions. The validity period of a copyright registration in India is 60 years.

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