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Industrial Machinery

Our Complete range of products are Bag Feeding Machine, High-Speed Seasoning Filling Machine, Piston Liquid Filling Machine, Seaming Machine and Automatic Powder Filling Machine.

Bag Feeding Machine

Liquid, sauce, granules, powder or material with irregular shape, etc.
Technical Features:
This machine is the classical model for bag feeding packaging. It can achieve the functions of bag feeding, date printing, opening, filling, compacting, sealing, and conveying of finished products. It’s Suitable for various kinds of materials and packaging bags. Easy to operate and adjust the speed, tool-free changeover among different specification requirements. Equipped with automatic detector and security monitor system to reduce the material waste to the most extent and ensure the sealing quality and beautiful appearance at the same time. This machine is suitable for various kinds of bags type such as 4-side sealed bag, doypack, zipper bag, paper bag, plastic bag with cap etc.
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High-Speed Seasoning Filling Machine

Technical Features:
This highly automatic filling line consists of bottle feeding machine, unscrambling machine, filling machine and capping machine.
Working Process: Manually load bottles→bottle feeding machine→unscrambling machine→filling machine→capping machine(manually load caps into hopper)→finished products
It’s optional to install a vibration device on filling machine to flatten the material. After manually loading caps into hopper, the capping machine will automatic finish the job of cap unscrambling, pressing, screwing.
granular products, powdery material(such as salt, baby food, puffed granular, flour, cereal, etc.)
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Piston Liquid Filling Machine

Technical Features:
This piston liquid filling machine is extremely flexible filler capable of filling accurately any viscous liquids. PLC controls, friendly touch screen, stainless steel contact parts. It was designed to add efficiency to any production line used in the food service, chemical, pharmaceutical and personal care industries. Additional options are available for sanitary and flammable or corrosive environments. With high accuracy and stable performance, it’s suitable for various kind of filling bottles and disassembly or cleaning is extraordinarily easy.
All parts contacting with materials are made of high quality stainless steel, the whole machine is beautiful, conforming to GMP standard.
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Seaming Machine

Technical Features:
This machine is used for packaging of pre-filled products in jarstinscans. Vacuuming inside the container to evaluate the normal air which may have moisture, oxygen and other bacterial, then flushing with nitrogen, keeps flavor and texture of products and make them longer shelf-life.
Electronic-pneumatic technology, stainless steel structure, PLC control system easy to use operation, this machine can automatically complete feeding, vacuuming, nitrogen flushing, capping, sealing , It’s suited for applications requiring stable performance, low cost maintainance, high efficiency output and less human interruption.
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Automatic Powder Filling Machine

Technical features:
this series can integrate the functions of can feeding, can holding, metering, filling, weight checking and other jobs. It can be considered as auxiliary filling equipment in production line suitable for eye shadow powder, flash powder, pepper powder, chili powder, milk powder, rice powder. Protein powder, soy milk powder, chicken powder, coffee powder, medicine powder, additives, flavors, etc.
1. Stainless steel structures, horizontal opening container, cleaning are very convenient.
2. Servo motor, servo drive control auger and servo controls working turn-table ensure stable performance.
3. Equipped with plc, touch screen and weight modular controller
4. With a suitable hand wheel for the adjustment of height.
5. Pneumatic can supporting device ensures that material won’t be spilt out.
6. Weight checking device ensures that each product in assembly line are quantified
7. Up to 10 recipes can be stored and parameters are adjustable.
8. Replacing auger accessories to meet different size powdery products.
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Semi-automatic Ultrafine powder Metering Machine

echnical Features:
This machine is designed for ultrafine powdery products and high accuracy packaging requirements. The weight sensor installed in the container completes the two-speed filling, metering and lifting work. It’s suitable for a wide number of applications including food additives, toner, fire extinguisher dry powder and other ultrafine powdery products.
1. The container tray below equipped with weight sensor, it has fast and slow filling system to ensure the high accuracy.
2. Servo motor drives the tray movements, lifting speed can be arbitrary set. During filling process, basically there is no dust pollution to the environments.
3. Servo motor and servo drive control the auger to ensure the stable performance and high accuracy.
4.PL controller, friendly touch screen,easy to operate.
5. Stainless steel structure, modular container, easy to cleaning.
6. Filling head with a hand wheel to adjust the height according to different size of bags.
7. Fix auger mounting structure ensures that material won’t be affected.
8.Working Process:manual bagcan loading→ container lifting→fast filling and container descending→ achieve predicted value →slow filling→ achieve target value→ manual bagcan unloading
9. Pneumatic bag-clamping device or supporting device is optional according to different requirements.
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