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Cnc Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machine

Cnc Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machine

The most budget friendly machines in our shearing lineOur TS guillotines are the most budget friendly machines in our shearing line. The TS machines are guillotine type shears. This means that the cutting action is a scissors cutting action. The hydraulic cylinders on the TS shears are positioned directly underneath the ram and pull the ram in a downwards direction.
Guillotine shears have several advantages above swing-beam type shears. They are made to cut several material types and thicknesses.

All TS guillotines are standard fitted with the new SP9 control, conveniently located at the left hand side of the machine, within the immediate reach of the operator.

Quick manual blade gap

The quick manual blade gap adjustment is located at the front of the machine on 6mm models, or at the rear of the machine for 12mm models. Blade gap adjustment ranges from 0,05mm for very light sheet thickness and progressively increases up to the maximum blade gap required for heavier shear capacities.

The rake angle is electro-hydraulic driven and controlled from the operator pane. The angle adjustment moves between 0.5° for thin sheets and 3° for thicker sheets.

The right pressure setting

The sheet hold-downs on the TS guillotine models are hydraulic controlled and use a separate hydraulic circuit with separate pump. A pressure activated switch is used for the right pressure setting.

Table blocks: advantages

TS guillotines have table blocks on all models instead of solid tables. The table blocks have several advantages:

It's easier for the operator to grab the sheet from the side
Less chance of smashing fingers between the work piece
The table and the dirt from hot rolled steel will not lie down on the table but will fall in between the blocks
We offer blocks with ball transfers as an option on all shearing machines.

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