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Harmony International

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Metallurgical Microscope

Metallurgical Microscope

Rigid and stable body fitted trinocular observation tube, inclined at 45*. Bright field, incident light through epi-illuminator with centering provision, Iris diaphragm and a slot for dropping filters. It is having precise Quadruple.


Revolving nose piece with positive click stop Co-axial mechanical stage of X-Y. Movement of specimens up to thickness 65 mm. Built-in base transformer. Halogen Bulb 6V 20W controlled by a variable intensity control knob. Supplied With daylight bulb and green filters in metal mount, a spare bulb, operating Manual and vinyl cover in a sturdy plywood storing cabinet with following Optical combination :

  • Achromatic Objectives : M4x, M10x, M40x.
  • Eyepiece : WF 10x & 15x (paired)


MODEL : Radical RXM-7T

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