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  • Diffusible Hydrogen Testing Apparatus

    Diffusible Hydrogen Testing Apparatus

    Diffusible Hydrogen Testing Apparatus by Mercury Method. This standard covers the procedure for determination of content of diffusible hydrogen in deposited weld metal arising from the use of Shielded Metal Arc Electrodes, Gas Metal Arc, Flux cored Arc , Submerged Arc and MIG wire Welding Process ...

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  • Moisture Testing Apparatus

    Moisture Testing Apparatus

    The moisture content of the covering on the Low Hydrogen electrodes shall be determined as per the procedure laid down in SFA-5.1. The apparatus consist of the following : Combustion Tube Furnace with heating element to 2000*F (1093*C.) An Oxygen purifying train consist of a needle valve, a flow ...

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  • V-Notch Broaching Machine

    V-Notch Broaching Machine

    This is specially Designed machine to cut "V" and "U" notches quickly and precisely for Impact Testing Speciman. The Broach is a Multi-progressive toothed tool fitted in the machine.   OPERATION : The speciman to be notched is mounted in the hand operated fixer. The fixer contained a screw ...

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  • Profile Projector for V Notch

    Profile Projector for V Notch

    The profile projector apparatus is specially designed for testing of V- Notch Charpy impact test pieces for measuring of exact cut of V – Notch of Radius 0.25, Deep 2.00 mm and Arc 45*. It gives Microscopic magnifying image of the V- Notch on glass Screen by 50X . The image can be matched ...

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  • Super Magnifying Eccentricity Tester

    Super Magnifying Eccentricity Tester

    The Super Magnifying Eccentricity Tester is specially designed for testing eccentricity of welding electrodes. It gives Microscopic magnifying image of eccentricity of the electrode coating from a side of the electrode by 30 X or 40 X. The apparatus is very Compact, easy to operate and highly ...

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  • Humidity Chamber

    Humidity Chamber

     The Humidity Chamber made of SS-304, Having insulated chamber for Temperature & Humidity with humidifier.   Features : Inner Chamber Size : 500 mm x 500 mm x 600 mm Max. humidity 94% - 95% displayed on humidity meter, Max. Temp. 40 to 80* C. Timer Digitally controlled. Humidity is ...

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  • Smoke Level Measuring Apparatus

    Smoke Level Measuring Apparatus

    Smoke Level Measurement Apparatus is designed and developed as per ANSI/AWS F1.2-92 for measuring Fume Generation Rate and total Fume Emission of welding and allied process.   Fume generation rate depends upon ingredients used in electrode coating, Moisture contents, core wire material, parent ...

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  • Metallurgical Microscope

    Metallurgical Microscope

    Rigid and stable body fitted trinocular observation tube, inclined at 45*. Bright field, incident light through epi-illuminator with centering provision, Iris diaphragm and a slot for dropping filters. It is having precise Quadruple.   Revolving nose piece with positive click stop Co-axial ...

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  • Wet and Dry Flux Pulverizer

    Wet and Dry Flux Pulverizer

    The Flux Pulverizer is a specially designed machine for reclaiming Flux from wastage flux generated during the extrusion process, so that the wastage flux can be re-used immediately in the same mix or in the subsequent mix.   During the extrusion of electrodes the normal wastage of flux occurs ...

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  • Flux De-Coating Machine

    Flux De-Coating Machine

    In order to ensure zero defects at buyer's end, we make sure that we conduct stringent quality procedures. We keep the globally accepted packaging guidelines in consideration so that the products that we deliver are packed well and are safe from the external environmental factors such as shock, ...

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  • Electrodes Name Printing Machine

    Electrodes Name Printing Machine

    The Printing Unit designed for fine printing of Brand Name, Make , Type, Dimension etc. on the Coating of every electrode. The Unit is well equipped with AC Motor 0.5 HP (0.37 Kw), Gear Box, Control Panel with AC Drive Variable speed.   The Print Assembly : Print Roller : The Print Roller is ...

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  • Printing Inks

    Printing Inks

    Harmony High Temperature Resisting Inks are developed to Print Welding Electrodes with Neat , Clean Uniform and Sludge free printing . It can with stand as high as 450*C and more, without change in shade or sharpness of the impression.   Salient Features : Faster contact drying without getting ...

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  • Double Sided Cotton Tape

    Double Sided Cotton Tape

    We own sound quality system, owing to which we carry out strict quality examination of the product basket. We allow our patrons to make payment through a variety of methods. We are comfortable with patrons making payment through online or offline mediums that are legal and trusted.

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  • Shrink Wrapping Machine

    Shrink Wrapping Machine

    Heavy Duty Machine, Specially Made for Electrode Industries.   Specifications: Effective Chamber size : (MM) 450 (W) X 350 (H) X 1000 (L) Total Dimension 950(W) X 1200(H) X 2200 (L) Robust Construction with Chain Conveyer of 1 Inch pitch, 12 mm solid bars with SS sleeves, Laminated with Heat ...

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  • Nylon Sandwich Belts

    Nylon Sandwich Belts

    Working in assistance with a brilliant inventory management system and capacious storehouse has enabled us to entertain urgent and massive requirements of the customers. Our company is ranked among responsive and responsible Suppliers of Nylon Sandwiched Belts and Sponge Coated Conveyer Belts., ...

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  • Sponge Coated Conveyor Belts

    Sponge Coated Conveyor Belts

    As a dependable name, we source raw materials from the well-known providers who are certified. Thus, we guarantee only quality-approved products at customer's end. Positioned amidst the celebrated names of Sponge Coated Conveyor Belts, we are customers' reliable choice in this field.

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  • Name Printing Stereo

    Name Printing Stereo

    Our organization is a one-stop stop and the best destination for acquiring superiority guaranteed Name Printing Stereo. Our clients can make payment for orders through a payment method they want. We accept payment through online or offline mediums that are convenient, secure, and practical.

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