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We are leaders in the market for providing best range of UV Surface Sterilizer, UV Wand Sterilizer, UV Sterilizer Box, uv air sterilizer and UV Room Sterilizer

UV Surface Sterilizer

The surface sterilizer uses Ultraviolet germicidal radiation to eliminate viruses, bacteria, moulds and odour on surfaces, by penetrating their membranes, attacking their DNA, preventing them from replicating. Thus increases the Shelf life of Food, provides decontamination. The Process is fast, simple and produces no heat or residues, and has no impact on the appearance or taste of food. Surface UV disinfectants takes care of the purity of conveyors, slicing machines, blades, boxes, trays, caps, wrapping foils, lids etc. to avoid contamination of food stuff. Bakeries, cold stores, dairies, packaging and transportation can maintain the food safety & standard rules by using UV Surface purifiers.

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UV Wand Sterilizer

UV Wand Sterilizer utilizes UV-C light technology to kill virus and microbes on surfaces at the home, office or while travelling. Simply turn it ON and swipe the UV wand sterilizer and use it anywhere on surfaces such keyboard, sofa, pillows, toys, furniture, kitchen, steering wheel, headrest, doorknobs and much more. Quick, Easy & Hassle-Free Sterilization without the use of chemical and Irritants!. Fast and Effective: Simply remove debris if any from the surface and slowly wave the UV wand sterilizer over a period of seconds on the required surface to sterilize the area. Simple one-touch operation & its compact size make the UV Wand Sterilizer a Perfect Cleansing Mate.

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UV Sterilizer Box

100% safe & environment friendly. HSS box uses uv-c radiation (253.7nm) to kill microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, etc. to provide effective disinfection of multiple objects like masks, laptops, phones, books, currency and coins, gloves, groceries, milk packets, bottles, baby clothes, toys, stationaries, vegetables and fruits, watch, jewellery, and much more within few seconds. Our HSS box sterilizes the entire surface in 360 degree wherever placed.

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uv air sterilizer

UV Air Sterilizers lamps have property to kill bacteria, virus, mold pores and other primitive organisms. The air always contains floating impurities and micro-organisms. UV Air Sterilizers sterilizes the air in The enclosed room with the help of Germicidal UV Lamp.   

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UV Room Sterilizer

It is the most efficient and time saving tool to sterilize the room from all contagious and harmful micro-organisms like bacteria, virus, fungus, spores, moulds, allergen, protozoa etc. by efficiently disinfecting the surface wherever the UV-C Light falls. The UV Room Sterilizer unit is mobile and therefore can be moved to any corner of the room to guarantee sterilization covering the entire area and all the objects placed in the room. It is operated with a remote which has a time delay circuit for safety purpose. UV-C sterilization is considered as Efficient and Eco-friendly as it is non-toxic, non-polluting, and contains no harmful chemicals or Odours.

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