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  2. Chilli 2 Products / Services available
  3. Meat & Poultry 16 Products / Services available
  4. Ground Spices 1 Products / Services available
  5. Fresh, Organic & Preserved Vegetables 3 Products / Services available
  6. Pickles 4 Products / Services available
  7. Fresh Vegetables 4 Products / Services available
  8. Herbal Extract 1 Products / Services available
  9. Onions 4 Products / Services available
  10. Pet and Farming Animals 8 Products / Services available
  11. Agricultural Consultant 4 Products / Services available
  12. Fresh Fish 25 Products / Services available
  13. Artificial Jewelry 1 Products / Services available
  14. Bags 2 Products / Services available
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  35. Agro Farming Services 2 Products / Services available
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Agricultural Consultant

Our offered Product range includes live rabbit, pig farming services, Duck Farming Services and fish farming services.

live rabbit

  • Cholesterol 73 mg 24%
  • Potassium 421 mg 12%
  • Protein 26 g 52%
  • Vitamin B-6 35%

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pig farming services

Pig farming is not only a profitable business but also a very popular and lucrative business. Pig is widely used to eat and pork. But it is not an easy tusk to farming. It takes a lot of time and money to make a profitable pig farm. To make a perfect pig farm everybody needs to follow some methods, which are described below.   Firstly, it is very necessary to have a large area with a lot of grass and soil. Then it also needs a large fence so that the pigs can roam too far off easily and can feel comfort. But the farmers should always conscious about the structure of the fence. Farmers should use very strong wood and thick corner poles because the adult pigs become very strong and they can try to destroy the fence. As pigs are notorious diggers, farmers should dig deeply into the ground for poles. Thus farmers can farm pigs on the pasture.   Advantages of pig Farming Pigs convert inedible feeds, forages, certain grain byproducts obtained from mills, meat by products, damaged feeds and garbage into valuable nutritious meat. Most of these feeds are either not edible or not very palatable to human beings Pig grows fast and is a prolific breeder, farrowing 10 to 12 piglets at a time. It is capable of producing two litters per year under optimal management conditions The carcass return is quite high ie. 60-80 percent of live body weight With a small investment on building and equipment, proper feeding and sound disease control programme the farmer can protably utilize his time and labour in this subsidiary occupation The faeces of pigs is used as a manure to maintain soil fertility Part time earning for educated youth having agriculture as occupation uneducated youth Small and landless farmers   Large white Yorkshire Most extensively used exotic breed in India Body colour is solid white with occasional black – pigmented spots Erect ears, snout of medium lengths and dished face Excellent breed for the purpose of cross breeding Prolific breeds Mature boar 300-400 k.g Mature sow 230-320 kg   TND / Jharsuk Pig Most extensively used exotic breed in Jharkjand Body colour is black with occasional black – pigmented spots Erect ears, snout of medium lengths and dished face Excellent breed for the purpose of cross breeding Prolific breeds Mature boar 150-250 k.g Mature sow 130-220 kg

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Duck Farming Services

In nature duck is a water bird. Man has domesticated the wild duck, and by selective breeding and are removing it from its natural habitat, has produced strains which he uses for both meat and egg production.   They say that ducks are the “new chickens” – it seems backyard farmers all over the country are beginning to enjoy the pleasure of keeping ducks. Our ducks are all different breeds because I enjoy variety and I like being able to tell them apart….and because there are so many great breeds I couldn’t choose just one!   Among various species of poultry, ducks are sturdy and prolific in nature. Indigenous ducks of our country constitute more than 90% of the total duck population and the second largest species contributing towards egg production in India. Duck rearing is still in the hands of poor rural farmers, who depend mainly on ducks for their livelihood and employment.   Advantages of Duck Farming Over Poultry Ducks do not require any elaborate housing and less attention than chicken as compare to poultry. Ducks lay about 40-50 eggs more than chicken. Ducks are quit hardy, more easily brooded and are resistant to many avian diseases. Duck rearing is economical as compared to chicken by virtue of their feeding habits of foraging. Accurate data of egg laying can be recorded for breeding purposes without wastage of time and labour. The down and small body feathers of the ducks are valuable and used for different industrial purposes. Because of comparatively more heavy, duck eggs provide more nutrients per egg than chicken egg.   BREEDS OF DUCK Egg-type Breed of duck Khaki Campbell Indian Runner Buff Welsh Harlequin Magpie   Meat-type Breed of duck White Pekin Muscovy Mallard Rouen Saxony Swedish Aylesbury   Ornamental-type Breed of duck Crested White Cayuga

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fish farming services

For maintaining a profitable fish farming business, you have to go through some step by step process. The steps for starting a fish farming business includes selecting suitable farm land or area, fish farm type (cage, tank or pond), cage or pond construction, selecting fish species, feeding, care & management, harvesting and marketing. We are shortly describing all the steps below. For running a successful fish farming business, follow every steps very carefully   Advantages of Fish Farming Business There are many advantages of starting commercial fish farming business. Here we are describing the main advantages of fish farming business. According to the demand, commercial fish farming business allows for large supplies of fish. Catching fish from the wild can’t always fulfill the consumer’s demand. In such cases commercial fish farming can meet up this demand. Fish can be raised in tanks until they are ready for marketing, and they don’t require the extensive capture of wild fish. Thus commercial fish farming helps to preserve natural ecosystems. Compared to the wild brethren, some farm raised fish species are more nutritious. Fish are usually fed a wide variety of protein and nutrient enriched foods or pellets on commercial fish farms. So farm fish become more healthier than the wild fish. Various types of fish species are available throughout the world. So you can choose your desired species for your fish farming business. Fish are very popular as food around the world. So there is an established fish market, and you don’t have to worry about marketing your products. You can start fish farming business in both large or small scale production purpose. If you don’t have enough capital for starting this business, then you can Start Business With Hopegrow farming. Fish farming business is a great source of employment. More than 1 billion people around the world depend on fish as their primary protein source. And most of this people are directly or indirectly involved with fish products or fish farming business. As a result, fish farming creates a great income and employment source for the people. Global fish exportation business is now earning more money every year, than any other food commodity. Even you can meet up your daily family nutritional demands through small scale fish farming in tanks or ponds.   Feeding Feeding is the most important part of commercial fish farming business. Always try to provide your fish high quality and nutritious food. High quality food not only ensures maximum production but also help to keep the fish healthy. So provide your fish supplementary fish feed along with natural food. There are various types of prepared commercial fish feed available in the market for specific fish species. You can purchase those commercial feed from the market or prepare it by your own. Learn more about preparing supplementary fish feed, if you want to prepare it by your own. Don’t forget to add all types of necessary nutrient elements, such as vitamins, minerals, salt etc. Feed your fish several times a day, depending on the fish species.

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