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Plate Heat Exchanger Design services

Plate Heat Exchanger Design services

The heart of a PHE is a pack of embossed plates with apertures. The plates are assembled in a 180° angle to each other, resulting in flow gaps on each side. Each plate is provided with a gasket, which securely seals the flow gaps from the atmosphere and separates the two media used in the heat exchange.

The gasketed plate pack is mounted in a rack and is compressed with tightening bolts between the fixed plate and the movable plate. To guarantee maximum heat transfer, warm and cold media are normally fed through the PHE in one-pass or multi-pass counter flow.

  • Working pressure max. : 25 bar
  • Surface/Plate : 0,04 m - 3,0 m
  • Capacity : 1KW - 30MW
  • Volume Flow : 5 m - 4500m

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